One-Person IT Department Does it all with Barracuda’s Easy Solutions

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The Mills Law Library is the only subscription law library on the West Coast. Founded in 1987, their goal was to provide small firms and sole practitioners with the same level of service available to attorneys at large firms. Today, Mills Law Library assists firms of all sizes, offering a wide range of services and print and online resources. Pavla Luckham, IT Director, is responsible for managing the IT strategy for Mills.


  • Mills Law Library
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
  • 100 users


  • Time Consuming Backups
  • Faulty Tape System
  • Lack of Offsite Storage


  • Barracuda Web Security Gateway 310
  • Barracuda Backup 390
  • Barracuda Link Balancer 330


  • Streamlined Data Storage
  • Reliable Backup System
  • Barracuda Cloud for Disaster Recovery
  • Less than 10 minutes a week to manage

Barracuda Cures IT Headaches

Before Barracuda, Luckham was tied to a problematic tape system. Her backups were failing, she couldn’t find the files she needed, and her calls to technical support sent her through phone trees every time she sought help. Luckham needed a solution that could meet her company’s needs at an affordable cost. She looked at Unitrends, Dell AppAssure, and Barracuda for a backup solution. Luckham confides, “In the end, the pricing and the cloud options associated with Backup 390 made it the obvious choice.”

"Their support team, the simple interface, and focus on the customer are what set them apart from the competition."
- Pavla Luckham, IT Director, Mills Law Library

Since all IT responsibilities are solely on Luckham, in addition to her many other obligations, she does not have much time to devote to backups. Barracuda has a solution for any size company to fulfill their needs, whether or not they have a large IT department. “Their support team, the simple interface, and focus on the customer are what set them apart from the competition,” she explains.

Time and Money Saved

Barracuda saves Mills Law Library both time and money. Luckham doesn’t have to constantly monitor her backups, “I have a lot of things on my plate. The device is so easy, I just set it and forget it,” she says, giving her time to spend on her other duties. There are no per-server or per-application fees with Barracuda, allowing customers to know what they are paying up front, with no hidden fees. When asked what makes her prefer Barracuda, Luckham added, “Barracuda saves me time and money, plus it’s a great device."

Refreshing Take on Backup

Barracuda understands how important getting back to work is after a server failure. With that in mind, Barracuda offers an Instant Replacement Service and Hardware Refresh to ensure that companies can stay up and running. “Buying from Barracuda Networks means the full backing of their support team. If the device fails, they’ll replace it the next day, and they provide a new hardware unit every four years with no cost to us,” says Luckham. Instant replacement also provides Mills with a replacement appliance next business day in case of hardware failure. Barracuda manufactures their appliances in the United States to offer customers a quick turnaround in case of hardware failure. In the case of a disaster at Luckham’s location, Barracuda will preload replicated data that is stored in the Barracuda Cloud onto a new appliance and ship the device to Mills Law.

Centrally Manage All Solutions

Barracuda provides customers with a robust, yet easy to use cloud-based central interface for all of Barracuda’s products. With Barracuda Cloud Control, Luckham is able to manage all three Barracuda solutions from a single pane of glass. Luckham can now see the status of her Internet connections, web traffic, and backups without having to jump between interfaces and solutions.


Luckham needed a reliable way to protect her data. Barracuda saved her time, money, and gave her peace of mind. Moving from a tape drive system to Barracuda was seamless. “It was up in a few hours and we spend less than 10 minutes a week on the device. Barracuda is a great fit for any IT manager that is spread thin."

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