Barracuda Backup Reduces Complexity

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The Almond Board of California is composed of a 10-member panel representing over 6,000 growers and 104 handlers. They oversee production, nutrition and market research, advertising and promotions in domestic and international markets, as well as quality control, and statistical analysis and dissemination. John Joyner, Director of IT, manages all IT strategy for the Almond Board while assisting in day-to-day operations.


  • Almond Board of California
  • Headquartered in California


  • Tape library was time consuming, unreliable, and broken
  • Reduce complexity in backups
  • Reduce cost in backups
  • Needed a better disaster recovery strategy
  • Had to meet compliance and retention needs


  • Barracuda Backup 690
  • Barracuda Message Archiver 350
  • Barracuda Spam Firewall 300


  • Reduced overall storage footprint by 70%
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Saved IT resources
  • Recovered lost data
  • Cloud disaster recovery
  • Maintain compliance

Barracuda Backup Reduces Complexity

The Almond Board was looking for a solution to replace the complexity and costs of using Symantec Backup Exec and their reliance on tape backups. While looking for a backup solution, Joyner tested Dell NetVault, and Barracuda Backup. He affirms, “NetVault had worked with some effort, but nothing was as impressive as the Barracuda solution. Barracuda Backup was fast and easy to deploy and helped simplify our backups with a single solution.”

Since deploying Barracuda Backup to replace Symantec Backup Exec, the Almond Board has also deployed Barracuda Message Archiver and Barracuda Spam Firewall based on the ease of management and great support. “Deploying Barracuda Backup has reduced the time needed to manage our backups by close to 80%. With the time savings, we have been able to work on other projects and not stress about whether we have good backups. With Barracuda Backup, we have restored a wide range of data, from databases and email, to user files from the past three years of being a Barracuda customer. It has made my job much easier,” says Joyner.

"Total management of backups is less than one hour each week, compared to four or five with my previous solution."
- John Joyner, IT Manager, Almond Board of California

Long-Term Retention and Offsite Vaulting

As a governing board that works with the Secretary of Agriculture, data must be retained for long periods to meet regulatory and compliance needs. With conventional backups, this meant large tape libraries and continuously increasing costs with offsite storage. When the Almond Board deployed Barracuda Backup, cost was a key concern as well as functionality and recovery. Barracuda’s advanced deduplication technology helped reduce the storage footprint for 32 guest machines on Microsoft Hyper V, mixed with physical servers, in addition to Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases by over 70%. For offsite storage, Joyner chose to replicate data to Barracuda Cloud Storage, utilizing unlimited cloud storage to take advantage of fixed, predictable costs for replication. With retention of seven years on some servers, their offsite vaulting moved their monthly and yearly revisions to Barracuda Cloud Storage, freeing space on the local Barracuda Backup for additional daily and weekly revisions.

True Disaster Recovery

When Joyner faced a site disaster and was not able to use his local Barracuda Backup for recovery, Barracuda Cloud Storage helped him save the day. Joyner lost four of his servers while performing maintenance on one of his SQL servers and he needed to restore the data. These were mission-critical databases and he needed to get them up and running fast. “While talking to Barracuda Tech Support on a Friday, they sensed the severity in my voice and immediately escalated to engineering. They were able to pre-load an appliance from Barracuda Cloud Storage and ship it to my location. Barracuda made me feel like I had a team working with me to restore my data. They saved my butt by working with me on this issue and making sure I was able to restore my data,” explains Joyner.


When the Almond Board needed help, Barracuda responded with the ideal solution. Barracuda Backup is fast and easy to install, saving time and simplifying backups as a an efficient, all-in-one solution. Barracuda provided such a great end-to-end experience for Joyner and the Almond Board that they decided to purchase two other Barracuda products. When Joyner was asked to share advice with prospective Barracuda Backup customers, he said, “Barracuda Backup has made my job much easier and their support is dedicated to keeping you up and running.

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