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Barracuda PhishLine

Fight phishing with continuous simulation and training. 

Barracuda PhishLine trains users to understand and respond correctly to the latest phishing techniques, recognize subtle phishing clues, and prevent email fraud, data loss, and brand damage. It transforms employees into a powerful line of defense against damaging phishing attacks.

This versatile, scalable, cloud-hosted SaaS solution includes hundreds of email and landing-pages templates, updated based on threat trends. Levelized training and gamification make it more effective by engaging employees.

Phishing Training

Barracuda PhishLine uses advanced, automated education technology that includes simulation-based training, continuous testing, powerful reporting for administrators, and active incident response awareness.

Phishing Simulation

Simulated phishing attacks are constantly updated to reflect the most recent and most common threats. Simulations are not limited to email, but also include voice, SMS, and portable-media (USB stick) attacks. Templates let you customize simulations.

Phishing Reporting

Barracuda Phishline provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable you to identify how effective your training is and how users react to actual phishing attacks that may slip through other defenses.


Multi-Vector Threat Simulation

  • Email “Phishing”
  • SMS “Smishing”
  • Voice “Vishing”
  • Found physical media

Advanced Interactions

  • Attachments
  • Credential form
  • Feedback form
  • File upload/download
  • Geolocation query
  • Unsubscribe forms
  • Exit-screen pop-ups
  • CAPTCHA forms


  • SCORM compliant courseware
  • Posters and newsletters
  • Web banners and digital learning media
  • Quizzes and risk assessment surveys

Reporting and Analytics

  • Collects over 16,000 data points
  • Detailed trend analytics
  • Local IP detection
  • Inbox message analytics (out-of-office messages and direct replies)
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Report generation and export capabilities

Incident Response

  • Phish reporting button—available on multiple email clients
  • Incident response metrics and dashboards
  • Incident response workflows
  • SEIM integration

Administrative Features

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Built-in privacy controls
  • DLP tagging
  • Customizable x-headers
  • 62 address book attributes
  • Approval workflow
  • SSO authentication for administrators
  • Active Directory integration
  • 20-plus languages supported

Patented Simulations

PhishLine's patented attack simulations train your employees to spot email threats that can compromise data and result in financial and reputational loss. A/B tests prevent users from receiving duplicate simulations.

Total Email Protection Portfolio

PhishLine is part of Barracuda’s Total Email Protection portfolio, delivering truly comprehensive email security.

Curated Content

PhishLine Content Center Marketplace™ provides dozens of simulation templates, landing pages, risk-assessment surveys, and other training content. New, customizable content is added daily, to reflect current threat trends.


PhishLine boosts user engagement with gamification. Videos, infographics, newsletters, and other materials supplement core training.

Levelized Programs

As employees progress through their training program, the content constantly changes, challenging them to continuously improve their phishing detection and reporting skills.

PhishLine Concierge Service (Optional)

PhishLine Concierge is an optional service that offloads the complex tasks of defining, configuring, executing, and analyzing your simulation campaigns to a dedicated consultant, to minimize your resource overhead.

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