Spear Phishing:
Top Threats and Trends

Vol. 6
July 2021
Insights into attackers’ evolving
tactics and who they’re targeting

Protect your business from cybercriminals taking advantage of the buzz around cryptocurrency, stealing credentials to launch ransomware attacks, and targeting new groups of potential victims with tailored threats.

Don’t miss all the new insights and trends including:

  • How attackers are adapting to current events and using new tactics to successfully execute spear phishing, business email compromise, brand impersonation, bitcoin-related extortion scams, and other increasingly-sophisticated attacks

  • Why organizations need to invest in solutions that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze typical communication patterns, spot anomalies, and remediate email threats in real time

  • Which advanced detection and remediation techniques, account-takeover protection solutions, and security-awareness training strategies businesses are using to block potentially-devastating attacks

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