Barracuda Solutions for Ransomware

Protect your business from ransomware attacks.

Recover from ransomware attacks quickly and easily.

With a modern, well-administered backup solution, even a successful ransomware attack need not cost you anything. Barracuda offers flexible backup solutions for any environment, making it simple to quickly restore files corrupted by ransomware—and send cybercriminals home empty-handed.


Barracuda Backup automatically creates updated backups as files are revised, and duplicates them to the secure Barracuda cloud or to a private off-site location. If criminals encrypt your files with ransomware, first eliminate the malware, then simply delete the encrypted files and restore them from a recent backup file. The whole process can take as little as one hour, letting you get right back to business, and leaving the criminals empty-handed.

Unlike other backup solutions that may store backup files to a network share—where they are vulnerable to certain ransomware attacks—Barracuda Backup does not present itself as a network share. The data stored on Barracuda Backup is inaccessible to any other devices on your network, and the data itself is stored in a proprietary format that is only readable by Barracuda Backup.

Cloud–to–Cloud Backup

Protecting your Office 365 data is also important—relying on Microsoft as your backup provider may not be enough if there is a ransomware incident. Even cloud data can be encrypted with ransomware. If you leave the infected data in the cloud, you can end up infecting or re-infecting your environment.

The process for handling ransomware recovery is similar to Barracuda Backup - delete the encrypted files and restore to a point in time before the incident. The user interface makes it easy and provides another layer of protection for vital data.