Rx: Security, Data Protection, Compliance

Lesson Plan: Protecting Students and Schools

Stop Advanced Threats and Prevent Data Loss

Barracuda and E-Rate

The E-Rate program, also known as the Schools and Libraries program, was established via the 1996 Telecommunications Act. It’s managed by the Universal Services Administration Company (USAC) Schools and Libraries Division (SLD). E-Rate provides discounts on eligible telecommunications, Internet access, and internal communications to eligible K-12 schools and public libraries in the United States. Eligible schools and libraries may qualify for discounts between 20% and 90%. The discounts are calculated based on the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) participation as well as the locations of the schools and libraries.

Eligible Barracuda Products

The below Barracuda products are eligible for Category 2 funding under the Data Protection – Firewall for both Internal Connections and Managed Internal Broadband Service categories.