Barracuda Elevation Tour

Barracuda is hitting the road once again on our fourth cross-country roadtrip – the Barracuda 2015 Elevation Tour! "Elevation" as a metaphor is about gaining perspective and developing a vision through experience, and sharing this experience with others.

While some stops along the tour will be for show, many others will be for show AND tell. Our first appearance will be at Superbowl XLIX in Phoenix. From there, we'll crisscross the U.S. making numerous stops along the way. At each destination, we will meet with customers and partners to discuss the latest Barracuda offerings, technology and research – while having a little fun along the way...

Check out our tentative schedule, and be sure to check back often for updates on exact locations, agendas and event registration details. If you have any questions or suggestions for additional stops, just email us at

Join the Tour — Socially Speaking

Let us know when you’ve spotted the bus. Tweet us a photo (make it a fun one!) of yourself and the bus, with a mention for @barracuda and hashtag #CudaTour, and you'll be retweeted AND featured in our Barracuda Elevation Gallery. You’ll also get a Limited Edition Elevation Tour t-shirt and a chance to pick up some sweet Barracuda gear.

Follow #cudatour and @barracuda for details!

Thank you for your interest in Barracuda.

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