Barracuda Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Protect your applications and data running in Microsoft Azure with Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls that scale with your security needs. Barracuda ensures reliable and safe access to the Microsoft cloud.

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Protect Your Workloads Migrated to the Cloud

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Google Cloud Platform Features Diagram

Most companies start out by migrating existing workloads from on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. Web-accessible applications run much the same way in Azure as they did in an on-premises or hosted environment, but new security controls are needed to protect data in Azure.

With Barracuda’s solutions for Azure, you can use the same Reference Architecture for on-premises WAFs and firewalls to secure a web-facing application can be applied across multiple applications. This makes it much easier, safer, and more efficient to deploy many workloads in Azure.

Security that Scales with Your Workloads

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Google Cloud Platform Features Diagram

Barracuda CloudGen WAFs leverage all Azure best practices, including auto-scaling capabilities. When deployed in clusters – a standard Reference Architecture for redundancy and expandability – the Barracuda CloudGen WAF cluster can automatically scale up or down in real time to match fluctuations in workload demands.

With on-premises solutions, this would be impossible. If you have workloads – such as may be the case with retail and examples range from retail to entertainment and the like – as well as companies who find they can “turn off” certain workloads in off-hours, find that leveraging Azure and auto-scaling is a tremendous advantage to leveraging the cloud. Built-in Azure load balancers complete the process, ensuring users never realize the infrastructure is being constantly tweaked to match demand.