Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

Simple and Scalable Backup Software for all of Your Windows,
Linux, VMware and HyperV Servers.

After September 30, 2017, we will no longer sell Yosemite Server Backup as a standalone product.

If you currently hold a Yosemite Server Backup maintenance and support contract, you will continue to receive our award-winning support until your contract expires, after which you may continue to use Yosemite Server Backup independently without any updates or support.

We’re in the process of merging Yosemite Server Backup capabilities into Barracuda Backup, a comprehensive all-in-one solution for physical, virtual, SaaS, and public cloud environments. If your organization requires tape backups, you can leverage Barracuda Backup’s included Backup Export Tool for your data protection needs. And as a valued customer, you’re eligible for a special promotional, competitive, discounted rate on Barracuda Backup—please reach out to your sales representative for a quote.

Thank you for being a loyal Yosemite Server Backup customer, and we hope to continue to work with you in the future.

Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

Enables a one-step restoration of a complete system without the need to reload the operating system. You can restore the entire system state of the machine at a specific time stamp including the operating system, applications, and user data directly from backup media.

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Supports Multiple Windows and Linux Servers

Yosemite Server Backup supports any combination of Windows and Linux servers with a single management console for all backup sources. On a Windows server, Yosemite Server Backup runs as a Windows service. Click here for a list of supported versions.

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Virtual Machines

Enables backups of virtual machines from VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors. Allows for quick recovery of virtual machines.

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Back Up Unlimited Windows Desktops

Agents are available to back up files from Windows desktops. The backups can be scheduled and managed from the centralized management console.
Click here for complete list of supported versions.

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Microsoft Exchange Agent

Our Microsoft Exchange agent enables hot backup of Microsoft Exchange while online. This includes mailbox level recovery. You can perform full, differential and incremental backups of the entire database or select individual storage groups and information stores. Microsoft Exchange versions 2003 and higher are supported for backup and restore.

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Microsoft SQL Server Agent

Enables “hot backup” of Microsoft SQL Server Databases. Performs full, differential and incremental backups, and offers granularity of selection to individual databases. Supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and higher for backup and restore.

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Three-Tiered Architecture

Larger enterprises often have data distributed among many servers and workstations, and there are often many backup devices used for storage. In order to ensure high performance in large environments, Yosemite Server Backup lets you split the processing load in three layers. The Master Server manages backup schedules and alerts, acting as the “traffic cop” without placing extra load on the source data servers. For any computer that is connected to backup media, a Media Server can be installed to manage and communicate with that media without adding extra network load. Finally, Backup Clients can be installed on any servers or workstations that host the data to be backed up.

For a simple installation, all three tiers can be installed on the same server. For large implementations, the tiers can be split into separate servers to provide almost unlimited scalability.

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Extensive Device Support

Yosemite Server Backup supports a wide variety of backup devices including tape (8MM, DAT, DLT, SDLT, LTO), library/loaders, hard drives, removable disks, and many more. Click here for a complete list of supported devices.

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Tape Library Expansion

Provides integrated support for multiple drives in robotic tape library systems.

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Concurrent Data Streams for High Performance

With heterogeneous support for disk-to-disk backup, tape backup, tape autoloaders, robotic tape libraries, Yosemite Server Backup offers industry-leading backup performance by supporting concurrent streams for backup and recovery. By streaming data at full speed, Yosemite Server Backup also helps minimize starts and stops of your backup hardware, extending both operating life and reliability.

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Data Compression

Yosemite Server Backup supports hardware-based data compression to help you get more life out of your finite storage resources. Software-based compression is also offered for devices that don’t have hardware-based compression.

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Data Encryption

Both software-based and hardware-based data encryption (for devices that support it) are supported to ensure that your backed up data is secure. We support varying levels of encryption up to AES 256-bit so that you can balance your need for security with the required degree of performance.

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Alerting of Backup Completion and Errors

All backup jobs are logged, and alerts are generated for completed jobs, running jobs, failed jobs, disconnected media and other types of errors. All alerts are provided on an easy to use dashboard. Yosemite Server Backup can be configured to email logs to backup administrators upon completion of a backup job.

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Automatic Scheduling and Media Rotation Interfaces

Ensuring that you have all the files needed to restore your system is a complex task. Typically, it is not practical to create a full backup every day. A common solution involves running different types of backup jobs (full, incremental, differential or copy) on predefined schedules using media sets that eventually get reused over time.

Yosemite Server Backup simplifies the task of managing all of these backup sets by automatically scheduling backup jobs and keeping track of media rotations. Backup jobs automatically know which type of media and backup is needed when they run. You can define your own media sets and rotation schedule or use the prebuilt rotation types that we include.

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SMB File Share Agent

Performs backup and restore of SMB File Shares by configuration of individual shares or file-share servers. Supports SMB 3.0 and hidden shares, available on all Windows platforms. (VSS snapshots not supported, available only on Yosemite Server Backup Unlimited)

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