Barracuda Web Security Service

Cloud-Based Web Content Filtering and Malware Protection
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Advanced Threat Protection

The service inspects all traffic inline for guaranteed security. It employs multiple threat analysis technologies including global threat intelligence, botnet detection, spyware detection and sandboxing to provide real-time protection against a wide range of threats. Users are also secured from malicious and compromised internet sites as well as data exfiltration attempts.

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Comprehensive Reporting

The Barracuda Web Security Service allows administrators to generate reports on user and network activity as well as the latest security threats. It also provides detailed logs for forensics, audits and compliance.

Global Visibility

The cloud dashboard enables admins to monitor usage from every user, location and device in one place. This information can be used to tune network policies and bandwidth usage to ensure high quality access to business critical cloud applications like O365. It also helps identify unauthorized applications as well as users that may cause security vulnerabilities.

SSL Inspection

The BWSS inspects encrypted content at cloud scale. SSL inspection is often a performance intensive operation. Doing this at cloud scale ensures that all traffic is inspected without introducing any latency.

Easy-to-use Policy Management

As a cloud based service with an intuitive web interface, the Barracuda Web Security Service lets organizations set configuration and administration rules in a matter of minutes. Policies can be precisely configured and globally enforced in the context of web usage with minimal administrative overhead.