Barracuda Web Security Service

Cloud-Based Web Content Filtering and Malware Protection

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Spyware and Virus Protection

Barracuda Web Security Service uses a continually updated database to identify and block access to sites known to host spyware and viruses. It also detects installed spyware trying to access the Internet. Upon discovery, it blocks the spyware activity and notifies the administrator.

By using dual-layer virus blocking, decompressing archives, and blocking file types, the antivirus engine in Barracuda Web Security Service protects the network from aggressive viruses.

The Barracuda Malware Removal Tool performs a comprehensive scan of computers for any traces of spyware or other malware. This thorough scan quickly identifies potential threats residing on a computer and provides the option for removal of those that have been found.

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Barracuda Central

All Barracuda products are supported by Barracuda Central, a 24/7 advanced security operations center that works continuously to monitor and block the latest Internet threats. Barracuda Central collects data from more than 150,000 collection points worldwide and analyzes it to develop defenses, rules, and signatures. As new threats emerge, Barracuda Central is quick to respond to early outbreaks and delivers the latest definitions through Barracuda Energize Updates. These updates require zero administration and ensure that the Barracuda Web Security Service provides comprehensive and accurate protection against the latest Internet threats.

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Application Control

In addition to standard port/protocol-based policies, Barracuda Web Security Service uses technology to analyze protocols independent of their port or destination servers. By integrating Layer 7 protocol analysis with policy controls, the Barracuda Web Security Gateway enables complete control over application usage.

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Content Filtering

Barracuda Web Security Service provides flexible controls for pinpoint regulation of online activity. Administrators can create policies that control user access to 99.7%of commonly visited websites using 95 content categories including pornography, violence, hacking, sports, news, dating, shopping, chat, and more. Content filtering policies can be customized to restrict specific websites or look for patterns in web addresses. Administrators can also create policies that control web file downloads based on their file types.

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Intuitive Dashboard Views

Barracuda Web Security Service provides an intuitive dashboard interface for quick understanding of the threats and activities of users on the network that features top spyware and malware threats, application requests, and user activity.

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Comprehensive Reporting

In addition to its powerful web filtering and malware protection capabilities, Barracuda Web Security Service allows administrators to generate reports on user and network activity as well as the latest security threats.

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The Barracuda Web Security Agent

Barracuda Web Security Agent (WSA) is a tamper-proof client that can be installed on remote, off-network laptops or desktops to help implement a consistent web security policy across localized and distributed workforces. The Barracuda WSA supports both Windows and Mac OSX devices.

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The Barracuda Safe Browser

Barracuda Safe Browser is a full-featured web browser that enforces compliance with the configured policies. Barracuda Safe Browser is currently available for iOS-based devices.

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Cloud-Based Centralized Management

Barracuda Web Security Service is integrated with the Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC) web-based management portal, which leverages Barracuda’s global cloud infrastructure to enable organizations to centrally manage all their devices through a “single pane of glass” interface. Administrators have a global view of all their devices, as well as the ability to centrally manage policies and configuration. The intuitive interface makes it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to implement and manage the firewalls with minimal IT overhead.

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Easy-to-Use Policy Configuration

As a cloud-based service with an intuitive web interface, Barracuda Web Security Service lets organizations set configuration and administration rules in a matter of minutes. The intuitive web interface puts system information, logs, powerful policy features, and reports a few clicks away. Reporting requires no database administration.

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