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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Basic and the Advanced suite?

The primary difference between the basic and the advanced suites are the advanced threat protection features available. The basic package offers protection from Botnets - Block known botnet server only, fraud protection - Known phishing sites, P2P file sharing (BitTorrent) and P2P anonymizer protection (Tor) and unauthorized communication protection - anonymizer. These are also called as "Reputation based threat detection." This sets the basic package at par with other security offerings in the marketplace that offer similar features in their starter package. The features in the advanced package offer much more functionality are absolutely needed to protect from suspicious phishing sites, web spam and unauthorized communication protection from IRC and SSH tunneling.

Why cloud-based internet security?

By providing a cloud based security solution you can reduce the cost, complexity, and overhead associated with multiple layers of on premise security equipment. Moreover, a cloud based solution can offer you system wide powerful and real time system reporting. This allows you to scale quickly and efficiently to account for unpredictable surges in customer demand.

Why is scalability so important now?

The ability to scale has always been important, but scaling with agility was always challenging with a strictly hardware based solution. Our customers are dispersed across the world and they want the same seamless experience in whichever office environment they’re working in on any given day of the week. With a network of datacenters all across the world we provide that solution and help to allay any concerns around performance latency. Moreover with a cloud based solution consistent system wide updates can happen in an instant further protecting customers from the latest malicious threats to their environment.

Why should I consider the advanced package?

The basic package offers a very basic set of Advanced Threat Protection functionality. Cyber-attacks are getting more sophisticated. In order to detect and deter these threats you need to use a wider range of sophisticated tools. Features like botnet — C2 control traffic, vulnerable active X controls, cross-site scripting, cookie stealing, browser exploits, suspicious content and destination protection, are absolutely needed for enhanced protection.

Can I see a demo of this service?

Please contact your Barracuda sales representative to schedule a demo.

What happens to the classic Barracuda Web Security Service?

We will continue to support existing customers and offer renewals to them. However, we suggest that even existing customers evaluate the new richer features of our new WSS offering.

The new service offering provides enhanced reporting capabilities and full visibility to HTTPS (SSL) sites. It's a cloud based web content security engine that's purpose built for highly distributed and dispersed network environments. The service and can be centrally managed for all users.

How many users does the license support?

We offer licenses that support from 50–2500 end users and offer two types of licenses, Basic and Advanced. We do offer the ability to purchase more than 2500 end user licenses for educational facilities. Please contact Barracuda sales for details.

Is there an evaluation period for the Web Security Service?

Yes, there is a 30-day trial evaluation period. Please contact Barracuda sales for details.

Does the new Web Security Service employ Barracuda agents on the end user devices?

No this is an agent-less offering.

Where are the cloud data centers located?

There are approx. 100 worldwide data centers supporting this solution.

How does this type of protection fit into a comprehensive security strategy?

This is available as a standalone service or in conjunction with our NGF (hybrid model). We have the option to deploy gateway appliance and use the cloud either as policy orchestration layer or enforcement as well, but for the most part, what we've seen in our customer base ... I think we're going to see two types of customers.

Some customers will opt for the pure standalone cloud based web solution, which is pretty straight forward deployment. But we'll also have customers who operate in a distributed environment with a large number of locations. In these instances it makes sense to offload some of the more compute intense operations like URL filtering and reporting and malware scanning to the cloud.

We're going to see one type of customer that just wants a stand alone cloud based web solution, and that's pretty straight forward. I think the other type of customer is around next generation firewalls. Because, and G firewalls when they are deployed in the distributed environment we have large number of sights, large number of locations, it makes sense to offload some of the more computer intensive operations like URL filtering and reporting and malware scanning off the cloud.

Our next generation firewalls are a perfect solution for distributed enterprises and for hybrid deployments. It makes sense that we also have a solution for cloud based URL filter and reporting and web content filtering in general that can scale to distributor hybrid environments. A firewall is always recommended to implement a robust defense in depth strategy.

Is there an upgrade/migration path for existing customers?

Existing customers who wish to upgrade to the new service need to be re-provisioned on the new service.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Barracuda Networks at +1 888 268 4772
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