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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barracuda Web Security Service?

Barracuda Web Security Service is a cloud-based service that provides high-performance web filtering. Starting with a massively scalable SaaS cloud platform servicing customers in 50 countries, Barracuda Web Security Service also offers optional gateway appliances and software agents. These deployment options enable centrally managed web filtering that can be precisely configured to a wide range of requirements; filtering all web users’ computers regardless of their location.

How do I deploy the Barracuda Web Security Service?

Cloud filtering: Cloud filtering directly proxies web traffic to the cloud. This is accomplished using browser proxy settings or by forwarding traffic from any network firewall or proxy that can forward to an upstream proxy.

Web Security Service Connector: Optional onsite gateway appliances integrate with directory services to define web filtering policies for locations and local groups. These gateways also locally cache web content to boost network performance and save bandwidth. Administrators transparently manage gateways and cloud services through the same cloud interface. Barracuda Web Security Service Connector are available as hardware or virtual appliances.

Web Security Agents: Barracuda Web Security Agent is lightweight, tamper-proof client software. Web security agents enforce access and security policies on all web traffic from laptops and remote desktops through the cloud web filtering service.

How do I create a web policy enforceable across all locations and users?

A deployment might put a gateway appliance at the headquarters, use cloud filtering to proxy traffic from satellite locations and use web security agents to filter mobile web users. Simply log into the cloud portal and configure a rule. Barracuda Web Security Service automatically propagates the rule to the cloud service, the gateway and agents.

What types of policies does the Barracuda Web Security Service Provide?

This cloud service provides advanced URL filtering and application control over IM, VoIP, P2P file sharing, and streaming media. Barracuda Web Security Service delivers advanced features for policy management like access control over file types and 97 content types, data loss prevention, as well as bandwidth and time restrictions.

Can I create user- and group-specific policies?

Yes. Barracuda Web Security Service lets administrators customize policies for specific users, groups, and IP address ranges in the organization. Administrators also can establish use thresholds by schedule, bandwidth, requests, and browsing time.

How do I report on distributed users and locations?

Barracuda Web Security Service transparently aggregates data from the cloud web filter as well as any optional gateways and agents in use for streamlined, central reporting. Administrators can generate detailed reports on all aspects of Internet use in real time and schedule them for automatic delivery with no database administration needed.

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