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Barracuda Web Filter

A Comprehensive Web Security Gateway

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Barracuda Web Filter support off-network users?

Yes. The Barracuda Web Security Agent comes with the Barracuda Web Filter 410 and higher models. The Barracuda Web Security Agent is downloadable client software for installation on off-network Windows and Mac computers. The agent provides the same malware protection and policy enforcement as configured on the Barracuda Web Filter appliance. Administrators can configure the agent to either route traffic through a central Barracuda Web Filter or route traffic through a local gateway to lookup policies and enforce rules locally.

Can the Barracuda Web Filter block different sites for different users?

Yes, the Barracuda Web Filter lets administrators customize policies for specific users, groups, and IP address ranges in the organization. Administrators can also establish time ranges for those policies.

Custom policy examples:

  • To prevent users from job hunting while at work, create a policy that gives only the human resources group access to job-board sites.
  • Defining separate access policies for teachers and students.
  • Grant unrestricted web access to compliance officers for investigations.
  • The Barracuda Web Filter integrates with LDAP directory servers for user and group membership information. It also integrates with Windows domain controllers for easy user authentication.

What kinds of directory servers are supported?

The Barracuda Web Filter supports any LDAP compatible directory server, including Active Directory, Domino Directory, eDirectory and Open LDAP.

How are users authenticated?

The Barracuda Web Filter supports three types of authentication:

  • For Windows domains, the Barracuda Web Filter has Barracuda DC Agent software to install on Windows Domain Controllers. This software monitors Windows login events and maps Windows user names and IP addresses to the Barracuda Web Filter to transparently apply user policy.
  • When users try to access a blocked resource, the Barracuda Web Filter displays a page that requests a username and password. This method doesn't require the Barracuda DC Agent or configuring users' browsers.
  • If configured in forward proxy mode, the Barracuda Web Filter can use standard proxy authentication in which browsers send the authentication credentials in the HTTP headers. This form of authentication can require a one-time configuration of users' web browsers. Proxy authentication is not compatible with the Barracuda Web Filter while running in transparent mode.

If I have a proxy server in my network, how would I deploy the Barracuda Web Filter?

The Barracuda Web Filter can work with your proxy server either as a cascading proxy server or in transparent mode. We normally recommend replacing a proxy server with the Barracuda Web Filter.

Can the Barracuda Web Filter operate in VLAN environments?

Yes. The Barracuda Web Filter is fully compatible with VLAN environments.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Barracuda Networks at +1 888 268 4772.