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Barracuda NextGen Firewalls

Protection and Performance for the Cloud Era

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Secure, Reliable Connectivity for Hybrid Networks

The modern network includes a combination of local servers, remote devices and cloud-hosted applications. If you use cloud-based platforms such as Office 365, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, you need to ensure that all of your critical applications and devices are available when needed and secured.

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls are purpose-built for the modern, distributed network in which network performance and availability is as important as security. Unlike traditional port-based firewalls, our firewalls are application-aware, enabling you to regulate application usage and intelligently prioritize network traffic.

We offer three series of firewalls, each delivering advanced next-generation performance and protection, yet for distinctly different environments:

  • The X-Series is designed for small to mid-market organizations that need to quickly and easily deploy a Next Generation firewall.
  • The F-Series gives network administrators the tools and controls needed to simplify the complex job of ensuring network performance across multiple locations; therefore, it’s ideal for managed service providers and distributed enterprises.
  • The S-Series focuses on providing simple, secure and scalable remote connectivity for Internet of Things including remote devices, kiosks, ATM machines and micro-offices.
NextGen Firewalls

Protect Your Organization from Advanced Malware and Zero-Hour Attacks

Barracuda NextGen Firewalls feature advanced security capabilities, including integrated Intrusion Prevention (IPS), URL filtering and antivirus to identify and block evasion attempts that would trick traditional systems. Barracuda’s security extends beyond your network to Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) cloud for both statistical and sandboxing analysis of zero-day and targeted threats that routinely bypass signature-based IPS and antivirus engines.

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Intelligently Manage Your Organization’s Traffic

User and application awareness provides intelligence and visibility to craft business rules to manage bandwidth and prioritize network traffic to by application. You can easily customize network access, application usage and bandwidth allocation for specific users and groups. When needed, traffic to non-business-related applications can be limited, even when this traffic is encrypted.

Dynamic link balancing dynamically balances traffic across multiple Internet connections. This ensures business continuity through reliable Internet access as well as allows you to efficiently utilize available bandwidth.

Intelligent site-to-site connection management provides high quality, reliable connectivity across multiple locations (both hardware and virtual appliances). IPsec VPNs ensure secure connectivity to remote sites, centralized offices, as well as public cloud offerings like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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Easily Manage Your Network Growth

In modern organizations, network perimeter intelligence extends across highly dispersed environments: remote sites, branch offices and satellite locations. As your policy enforcement becomes more dispersed, centralized management becomes more important to minimize management overhead and maintain a uniform security posture.

For this reason, central management is integrated into the Barracuda next-generation firewall architecture. Administrators can easily define global security parameters, configure security and network access policies, control firewall firmware update revisions, and manage user settings. Barracuda provides a true centralized management system that is fully scalable across thousands of locations through a single pane of glass.

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