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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Barracuda NextGen Firewall?

As you organization relies on more cloud-based applications like Office 365, Salesforce, and Dropbox, internet connectivity becomes even more important. Our Barracuda NextGen firewalls combine powerful application awareness and network routing capabilities to provide the highest levels of internet availability for users and critical applications.

What are the differences among the F-Series, S Series and X-Series firewalls?

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series is designed for network engineers who manage distributed enterprise environments. It provides all the security functionality one expects from an enterprise next-generation firewall, including application detection and prioritization, IPS, malware protection, URL filter and even DDOS protection. Furthermore, its powerful traffic optimization features, extremely resilient site-to-site connectivity capabilities, and extensive logging and auditing tools make the F-series an ideal fit for organizations that need to efficiently manage and scale massive firewall deployments.

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall S-Series provides remote connectivity in an affordable and easy to deploy solution. It is designed from the ground up to support Internet of Things initiatives where thousands of remote devices need to be connected to a headquarters or data center. The SC appliances are managed via a NextGen Control Center, and security features like IPS, application detection etc. are provided at the Secure Access Concentrator where the VPN for each SC appliance terminates.

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series is ideal for small to medium-sized organizations looking for a simple, yet powerful next-generation firewall that provides IPS, application detection, URL filter, malware protection and some basic email security. Designed for the resource-constrained IT professional, the X-Series’ intuitive web interface has a low learning curve while providing and easy-to-use management interface.

How do I know if I should get the X-Series, F-Series or S-Series?

If you only have a few locations to manage (e.g., between one and three) and are looking for a firewall that is application aware and easy to use with a Web UI, then the X-Series firewall is ideal for you.

If you have a lot of remote locations to manage, secure and connect (e.g., more than three) and need a solution to seamlessly manage, protect and optimize your network, the F-Series firewall is right for you.

If you have to securely connect large numbers of devices to backhaul traffic to your HQ or data center, want to centrally administer the deployment and stay scalable, then the S-Series is the perfect choice for you.

Can I centrally manage multiple firewalls from one place?

Yes, all the Barracuda NextGen Firewall Series—X, F, and S—can be centrally managed from a single pane of glass. The F and S-Series utilize the Barracuda NextGen Control Center to manage massive firewall deployments. The NextGen Control Center is available in physical, virtual and cloud form factors depending on your infrastructure requirements. The X-Series firewall can be centrally managed from Barracuda Cloud Control, which is the same web-based portal that IT administrators use to control their other Barracuda products.

What is the difference in terms of deployment between the F, S and X-Series firewalls?

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series can easily be deployed as "standalone" and provides great value this way, but its full potential and cost savings is unleashed when it’s centrally managed using a NextGen Control Center.

The S-Series firewall cannot be deployed as standalone, but needs one or multiple Secure Access Concentrators for VPN tunnel termination and a NextGen Control Center for central management. The Web UI on the SC appliances is only intended for initial setup.

The Barracuda NextGen Firewall X-Series is designed to be used as standalone, and can optionally (at no extra charge) be connected to the Barracuda Cloud Control portal for convenient remote management.

What level of support can I expect to receive from Barracuda?

Regardless of whether you’re using the X-Series, F-Series or S-Series firewalls, you can expect the same level of award-winning support from Barracuda’s expertly trained technicians. Barracuda offers 24x7 support with no phone trees, ensuring that you will always speak to an in-region technician who is ready to help.

For answers to additional questions, please contact Barracuda Networks at +1 888 268 4772