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Barracuda Secure SD-WAN

Boost application performance
and reduce costs.

Accelerate your business with secure SD-WAN.

Your business is only as productive as your network.

As your workloads move to the cloud and SaaS applications, it is critical to ensure reliable, fast, and secure connectivity for all your sites and remote users. Gone are the days when you can backhaul all network traffic to a central location. These days you need a faster, more agile network architecture to handle increased traffic from cloud apps, distributed sites, and off-network users.

Go beyond standalone SD-WAN solutions.

Barracuda Secure SD-WAN takes SD-WAN to the next level by combining the best connectivity features of stand-alone SD-WAN products and security functionality of next generation firewalls in a single solution. Barracuda Secure SD-WAN is easy to deploy and manage in a fraction of the time of a traditional SD-WAN.

Keep users connected and productive.

Ensure fast, always-on access to business-critical applications on premises and in the cloud.

Save time and

Roll out thousands of locations with zero-touch deployment, and administer them from a centralized management platform.

Achieve cloud scalability.

Scale your network dynamically to match workloads and take advantage of flexible consumption billing models.

Secure your business.

Maintain consistent security posture on-premises and in the cloud. No need to purchase separate firewalls and SD-WAN systems.


SD-WAN at a glance.

Secure SD-WAN is the modern-day successor of traditional site-2-site VPN. It goes beyond traditional VPN by adding the concept of link redundancy and active quality monitoring of the VPN transports between sites. Application steering automatically chooses the most suitable physical path to minimize latency or maximize bandwidth based on current network conditions. SaaS and internet-bound traffic is no longer backhauled to a central office but directly sent to the internet with the appropriate security inspection.


Go from SaaS to fast.

Secure SD-WAN ensures that users of SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Google, Slack, and others get the low-latency performance they need to be productive. Barracuda provides direct internet breakouts for remote users. WAN optimization technologies like network traffic compression, advanced data caching, and network link pooling ensure the best quality of service (QoS). Traffic is prioritized to ensure there is always enough bandwidth for business applications.

Legacy network infrastructures can't keep up with the demands of multiple sites, remote users, and the growing dependence on cloud-based applications. Barracuda Secure SD-WAN automatically makes dynamic, on-the-fly adjustments to QoS and application usage policies depending on real-time bandwidth and latency measurements.


The easiest way to reduce your network costs.

Traditional SD-WAN products can be complex to set up. Barracuda’s out-of-the-box configurations reduce setup to just minutes. With zero-touch deployment and orchestration, you can eliminate the travel and costs associated with setting up site devices. Enable multiple inexpensive internet lines for better bandwidth and application performance compared to much pricier MPLS connections.

Barracuda’s Secure SD-WAN replaces multiple previously separate solutions for security, SD-WAN, link balancing, and WAN optimization. This reduces the footprint at each location and provides additional savings in license and management cost.


Make the cloud a seamless extension of your network.

Enable direct internet access from every remote location without the need to backhaul traffic for central security inspection. Direct internet breakouts dramatically increase performance of SaaS applications compared to backhauling. Barracuda's application-based routing optimization makes sure the best internet uplink is chosen for each SaaS application.

Barracuda’s deep integration into all the major cloud ecosystems lets you use cloud workloads simultaneously, even if they are hosted with different cloud infrastructure providers. Secure SD-WAN lets you optimize branch-to-branch, branch-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud connectivity.

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Get next-generation firewall security for every location.

With Barracuda, you no longer need to separately buy and manage a firewall for security and an SD-WAN solution for connectivity. Barracuda combines the strongest security with the industry's easiest-to-manage SD-WAN capabilities in a single product. Get multi-layered, next-generation security including cloud-based full emulation sandboxing for every location in widely dispersed corporate networks. Barracuda Secure SD-WAN includes protection against advanced threats and zero hour-attacks.

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