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Barracuda Firewall Insights

Gain actionable intelligence of your network infrastructure.

You can’t secure and control what you cannot see.

With continuously evolving threats and complex network infrastructures, analytics are essential to efficiently secure your network.

Leverage analytics for early detection of data breaches.

An inability to quickly detect breaches after they have occurred is a serious challenge. Aggregated and comprehensive reports are key to maintaining an efficient security posture.

Ensure regulatory compliance and data security.

Use real-time monitoring and customizable reporting to demonstrate GDPR compliance.

Maximize network performance with real-time monitoring.

Track important metrics such as latency and bandwidth with customizable dashboards.

“Operating a dispersed wide area network with hundreds to thousands of next-generation firewalls requires a centralized reporting and analytics solution.”

Christian Ueblbacher

Head of Security Solutions, Kapsch BusinessCom AG

Use advanced security analytics for all your CloudGen Firewall deployments.

To maintain security and seamless, uninterrupted connectivity, you need to constantly analyze a vast stream of real-time data. You need to respond rapidly to constantly varying inputs about network traffic, bandwidth usage, line integrity, and much more. It’s the only way to continuously assess the effectiveness of your security measures and WAN performance. But manual processing of this growing flow of data is error-prone and costly.

Barracuda Firewall Insights automates your information retrieval and data-processing tasks. This advanced security analytics platform ingests, aggregates, and analyzes data automatically from any CloudGen Firewall deployed across your organizational network, including public-cloud deployments. You respond faster and more accurately to changing conditions, and substantially reduce the costs and overhead of complying with auditing and reporting requirements.

Get all the insights you need, now.

Barracuda’s advanced security analytics platform gives you status overviews for your entire WAN. You get exactly the information you need, including summary statements for safety and liability, network activity, web activity, security, and productivity. You can customize any analytics task for individual timeframes, and you can include all or just a subset of the deployed firewalls. This lets you easily grant policy-compliant access to information to all management levels within a secure and trusted environment.

Get actionable intelligence from real-time dashboards.

Visualizing how CloudGen Firewall protects and connects your networks has never been easier. Barracuda Firewall Insights provides real-time dashboards, including details and availability information on SD-WAN connections and transport details. It delivers valuable insights by automatically analyzing real-time information and log streams from all selected Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances. This lets you respond rapidly and effectively to changing conditions, to maintain optimal connectivity, security, and performance.

Leverage intuitive analytics – with automatic generation and delivery.

The graphical user interface of Barracuda Firewall Insights lets you quickly select from hundreds of predefined analytics options. Automatic report generation allows you to gather, consolidate, and analyze data produced by the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances deployed in your network. Various output formats for paper and web-based publishing ensure that the most accurate, up-to-date information is distributed to pre-defined lists of recipients with various levels of granularity for each analytic result and available for your strategic business decisions.

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