Monitor your global network from a single dashboard.

Firewall Insights provides centralized reporting and monitoring of all WAN connections.

Stay on top of your SD-WAN setup.

Don’t let your SD-WAN solution be a black box. Always know exactly which traffic uses which uplink and prioritization.

Manage your SD-WAN deployment from a single screen.

The SD-WAN dashboard shows all WAN locations and their connection status, letting you quickly isolate connection problems.

Get unmatched visibility of your gateways.

Barracuda Firewall Control Center status map provides all required information on your deployment security posture at a glance. From this view, you can drill down to quickly check every deployed appliance.

Simplify setup with a VPN graphical tunnel editor.

Setting up even the most complex Site-2-Site VPN configuration was never easier. Predefine the desired tunnel parameters and simply create the VPN network as you require — be it hub-and-spoke or a fully meshed approach — with a single click. Adding new tunnels between locations is as simple as drag-n-drop.

Set up remote sites with Zero Touch Deployment (ZTD).

To install a Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliance at a remote location, just plug it in. Everything else happens automatically in the background. The ZTD dashboard gives you full visibility over the deployment process.

Stay on top of your security and risk posture.

Every CloudGen Firewall constantly analyzes traversing network traffic and provides an easy-to-read summary of your security and compliance status.

Get detailed reports of every security event.

When threats hit your network, Barracuda shows the degree of risk, source of the threat, and which service discovered it.

Advanced threats don’t stand a chance.

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an integrated cloud-based service that analyzes traffic across all major threat vectors. Multiple detection layers including cloud-based sandboxing stop even the most sophisticated threats without impacting network performance.

Manage your network in real-time.

Real-time monitoring, querying, and manipulation of network traffic is built into the user interface — no command line required!

Gain full control over complex network traffic.

Even the most complex rule sets can be managed from a simple, responsive user interface.

Quickly set up firewall rules for commonly used applications.

You can easily define firewall rules based on thousands of commercial applications, custom applications, users and groups, and date information.

Get started fast with predefined configuration templates.

Accelerate your global firewall rollout — whether hardware appliance, virtual appliance, private cloud, or public cloud — with dynamically linked, predefined configuration templates.

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