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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Enable Zero Trust Access to all your apps and data from any device and location.

Secure Access to Multi-Cloud Workloads

Ensure compliance, minimize risk, and operate at the speed of DevOps. Set global or granular policy, create visibility, and upgrade security posture to protect corporate resources. Eliminate the pain and time associated with credential management and the potential repercussions of a privileged access misuse. CloudGen Access delivers Zero Trust-powered privileged access management for the fast-paced modern multi-cloud enterprise.

Secure access to your infrastucture

DevOps requires agility. For start-ups and established enterprises, connectivity can be a roadblock to progress. CloudGen Access provides authorization, access management and workflow management for multi-cloud or hybrid IT environments. Connectionless mTLS technology means the days of connectivity slowing productivity are over. CloudGen Access is the key enabler in many successful DevOps transformations.

Enable Kubernetes privileged access for developers and DevOps.

Fed up dealing with cumbersome access to Kubernetes clusters? Say goodbye to inflexible cloud-specific VPNs and costly, hard to maintain in-house tools. Simplify access to Kubernetes private networks with CloudGen Access.

Easily connect to multiple internal networks without having to constantly change profiles.

Simplify developers’ lives by saving time and reducing repeatable steps when accessing resources deployed in private Kubernetes clusters. Get a local user experience from any location with CloudGen Access managing access.

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