Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

Ensure website and application performance and reliability.

Organizations use Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to provide seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) across applications and services. ADFS enables the extension of an organization’s Active Directory system to allow authentication and authorization with any claims-aware software, making it much simpler for both the users and the organization.

With the advent of the mobile workforce, ADFS deployments are now seen as critical infrastructure. The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC enables highly available ADFS deployments, improves the performance of the ADFS cluster and secures the entire ADFS deployment from application layer attacks. The built-in Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) capabilities ensure that ADFS servers can be deployed in multiple geo-dispersed datacenters, ensuring lower latencies and improving high availability.

In many situations, the ADFS clusters are deployed in proxy modes, and are directly accessible from the internet. In such cases, the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC can provide a highly secure SSL/TLS front-end and perform the role of the ADFS Web Proxy. The built-in Application Security features ensure that all application attacks are blocked, and the deployment is safe from breaches.

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