Forensics and Incident Response

Respond faster to email attacks.

80 percent of organizations report taking over 6 hours to respond to email attacks.

During that time, threats are free to spread throughout the network, causing mounting damage and increasing costs.

Slash the time between detection and remediation.

Respond to attacks and stop the damage in minutes, with powerful delivered-email search and rapid deletion from all inboxes.

Proactively identify security threats with threat insights.

Identify anomalies that may indicate threats, based on insights gathered from analysis of previously delivered email.

Prevent future attacks.

Use intelligence gathered from previous threat responses to block future emails from malicious actors, and to identify your most vulnerable users.

Reduce the impact and cost of email attacks

When email-borne attacks evade security and land in your users’ inboxes, you need to respond quickly and accurately to prevent damage and to limit the spread of the attack. Responding to attacks manually is time-consuming and inefficient, which allows threats to spread and damages to increase.

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response automates these processes to ensure that you quickly identify the nature and scope of the attack, immediately eliminate malicious emails, and carry out remediation actions rapidly to halt the attack’s progress and minimize damages.

Respond faster and more effectively with:

  • Automated incident response
  • Notification of affected users
  • Automatic inbox threat removal
  • Fast click-through remediation
  • Real-time reporting and forensics

“Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response allows us to find the emails that slip through the filters and remove them as needed… When a suspicious email is reported, we can begin to and sometimes completely remediate the environment quickly…Barracuda Forensics is a big win for our IT and security teams.”

Rick Cahoon

Director of Enterprise Security and Support, Wilbur-Ellis

Discover threats hiding in your inbox right now with the free Barracuda Email Threat Scanner.

Over 95% of Office 365 mailboxes harbor malicious emails that got past their email gateway. Discover email threats before your users do.

8,000+ organizations

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Respond immediately to email-borne attacks

When malicious email is reported to IT, Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response lets you immediately search all delivered email, by sender or subject, to identify all internal users who have received it. You can then automatially remove all instances of the threat-bearing email. Automatic remediation will identify and remove email messages that contain malicious URLs or attachments post-delivery directly from user’s inboxes without your involvement.

Limiting damage

In addition to identifying who received the malicious email, Forensics and Incident Response lets you identify the users who actually clicked on a malicious link. It can then automatically deliver instructions to update passwords or take other actions to limit the spread of the attack. These users can also be assigned enhanced security awareness training to prevent future incidents.

Gain insights to prevent future attacks

Forensics and Incident Response has powerful analytic capabilities that allow you to use insights gathered from analysis of delivered email to identify anomalies in email that’s already in your users' inboxes. For example, you can review geographies where inbound email is coming from, and proactively identify malicious email from countries you don’t usually do business with. You can prioritize and uncover new threats using data on potential incidents related to ones already created by you or other Barracuda customers, and on threats that are currently circulating and have been identified by Barracuda intelligence. This insight will help your team to identify threats that otherwise go unnoticed.

Integrated domain-based phishing protection

Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response also has content-security capabilities to offer protection across email and web. It detects and automatically blocks malicious domains contained in phishing emails for all users using API integration. DNS phishing protection works seamlessly to provide a unified threat management response against advanced attacks. This feature is available to customers of Forensics and Incident Response and Barracuda Content Shield.

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