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Making the Cloud Safe for Business

Migrating your email to the cloud gives your organization the convenience of easy access to email and documents with reduced management overhead. However, trusting your most important data to the cloud raises new concerns about security, compliance and data protection.

  1. How do you protect against all of the threats associated with web-based business email?
  2. How do you demonstrate compliance and retention if all emails are stored in the same production environment?
  3. And, how do you protect against human-caused data loss?

Making the Cloud Safe for Business


Email-Borne Threat Protection

Your responsibility to safeguard your emails is the same in the cloud as it is for on-premises solutions. Trusted by thousands of businesses, Barracuda Essentials provides you with industry-leading protection from email-borne attacks, spam, and viruses. It includes advanced security features like attachment sandboxing as well anti-virus, anti-phishing, and typosquatted link protection to secure against sophisticated targeted attacks. Data loss protection and email encryption keep sensitive data such as credit cards and customer data from leaving your organization. Email continuity services ensures that email operations continue by failing over to a cloud-based, email service, in the event primary email services become unavailable.

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Barracuda Email Threat Scanner

Because email is the number one vector for advanced threats, it is very likely that your inboxes contain latent threats—malicious attachments that can infect your network or execute a cryptographic ransomware attack and hold all your files hostage with a single click. Barracuda Email Threat Scanner is a free, cloud-based service that examines your Office 365 mailboxes using advanced threat protection techniques including a full system emulated sandbox to remote detonate the file to observe intended behavior. It finds and reports in detail on all advanced threats and at risk employees discovered in your organization’s email.

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Backup and Recovery for Office 365

Everyday, more and more organizations are migrating to SaaS and Cloud-hosted environments like Office 365. While these environments are fantastic ways to mitigate against natural and mechanical failures, human-caused data loss and advanced persistent threats that put your data at risk are always present. Having a sound backup and recovery strategy allows you to continue providing backup and recovery services in the event of accidental or malicious deletion or even recovering data to avoiding paying ransom in the event you are hit by an ransomware attack.

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Archiving for Compliance

There are strong legal and business reasons to ensure that emails are retained, safely archived and easily searched. Barracuda Essentials integrates with Office 365 to create a powerful yet extremely intuitive email retention and e-discovery system.

You can set up granular email retention policies to ensure that important emails are retained and archived to Barracuda’s cloud. All of the archived emails can be quickly searched and exported as needed. In fact, our native and mobile apps let you search messages even when email services are unavailable.

In the event of litigation, you can put legal holds on emails to prevent tampering or removal until the hold expires or is removed.

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AI for Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defense

Spear phishing and business email compromise (BEC) are rapidly becoming the most devastating cybersecurity threats. Beyond the financial impact, these attacks have caused irreparable reputational damage to individuals and brands. The attacks are highly personalized, and typically contain no malicious attachments or links, making them very hard to detect.

As a complement to Barracuda Essentials, Barracuda Sentinel is the leading comprehensive AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense. Delivered as a cloud service, Barracuda Sentinel combines three powerful layers into a comprehensive solution that guards against these personalized attacks:

  • Artificial intelligence engine that learns organizations’ existing communications patterns to stop impersonation attempts and spear phishing attacks in real time
  • Domain fraud visibility and protection using DMARC authentication to prevent domain spoofing and brand hijacking
  • Anti-fraud training for high-risk individuals within an organization that includes simulated spear phishing attacks

Barracuda Sentinel’s API-based architecture is designed to make it easy to extend the functionality and protection beyond email and Office 365, to additional messaging platforms such as G Suite, Slack, social media, and others. It also allows for rapid deployment, with no impact on network performance.

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“The Office 365 Exchange Online Protection didn’t allow the kind of granular controls we needed for our various locations. Adding Barracuda’s essentials for email security was phenomenally easy. One of the best things about Barracuda is the support. Whenever we had a question, Barracuda’s response has been instantaneous.”  Read the full case study

Michael Norton, VP of Technology, Summit Trucking