Detect and prevent account takeover

Detect suspicious logins by tracking IPs that exhibit suspicious behavior, such as failed sign-ins, and share intelligence across all users and accounts. Track each user’s access patterns and alert IT administrators when Barracuda observes unusual sign-in activity such as from an unusual device or geography. The AI tracks user-level patterns and organization-wide patterns.

By detecting anomalies in internal employee communications, Barracuda can automatically detect when employee accounts become compromised and send malicious emails to internal and external recipients. Administrators get alerted when an account has been compromised, and they can take immediate action.

Barracuda automatically quarantines phishing emails that allow attackers to steal employee credentials and can lead to account takeovers.

Barracuda can automatically identify which malicious emails were sent from a compromised account and flag them for administrators.

Changes to a user’s email inbox rules can potentially indicate an account takeover. Barracuda lets IT administrators review and investigate recent changes to inbox rules. The Inbox Rules Change Feed provides visibility across the entire email environment and lets you investigate rules changes for a specific email or account.

Remediate account takeover

Barracuda's account takeover remediation tool allows administrators to delete all phishing emails sent from compromised accounts from employee mailboxes.

Barracuda allows administrators to identify which external recipients received emails from compromised accounts and notify them of the attack.

Barracuda helps administrators lock out attackers from compromised accounts, preventing them from using the compromised account to launch phishing campaigns and forward emails externally.

Flexible API-based deployment

Barracuda account takeover protection uses Office 365 APIs to connect directly to your environment. The APIs allow the AI to both learn customer historical communication patterns, as well as detect and quarantine emails in real time. It’s a cloud-based SaaS solution that requires no maintenance or installation.

You can set up Barracuda’s account takeover protection in one minute by simply signing up and connecting it to your Office 365 tenant. No need to change your MX records or install any software.

The API architecture allows impersonation protection to work alongside any existing gateway-based email security solution as a last layer of defense for targeted attacks.

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