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Account Takeover Protection

Prevent, detect, and remediate account takeover.

1 in 7 organizations experience an account takeover.

Hackers use compromised accounts to move laterally within your organization and attack your customers and business partners.

Detect and remediate account takeover using AI.

Protect your business and employees from account takeover attempts and attacks launched from compromised accounts.

Prevent lateral phishing and attacks on your business partners.

Identify behavioral, content, and link-forwarding anomalies within your organization to flag and quarantine fraudulent emails sent from compromised accounts.

Lock attackers out of compromised mailboxes.

Get access to remediation tools to quickly block attackers’ access to compromised accounts and restore access for legitimate users.

Protect against internal and external attacks.

Corporate account takeover presents a significant new threat to businesses. Hackers gain access to corporate email accounts through stolen credentials and use them to launch subsequent targeted attacks, internally and against external targets. Account takeover or attacks that originate from these accounts are almost impossible to detect since they don’t leverage impersonation techniques — they come from a legitimate account and appear to be from a trusted source. In fact, traditional email security solutions don’t even observe internal traffic and have no way of stopping an attack originating internally.

Prevent loss of credentials and account takeover.

Barracuda detects both account takeover attempts and attacks launched from compromised accounts. By analyzing both historical and inbound data, the AI identifies behavioral, content, and link-forwarding anomalies within your organization to flag and quarantine fraudulent emails. It’s also able to prevent attempts to compromise employee credentials, by automatically blocking targeted phishing emails that try to harvest employee passwords.

Detect account takeover in progress and alert IT.

Once an email account is compromised and hackers are inside the organization, they can start moving laterally, looking to compromise more valuable accounts. Attackers monitor and track activity to learn how your company does business and use this information to launch attacks against your partners and customers. With Barracuda, your IT team will be alerted of suspicious behavior in your users’ email accounts, including unusual log-ins, changes in inbox rules, and malicious emails sent from internal accounts.

Remediate account takeover and remove malicious email messages.

Account takeover can be devastating for organizations and must be remediated quickly once identified. IT admins need to ensure attackers are blocked from access to compromised accounts, any malicious messages are identified, and recipients are alerted. With Barracuda’s account takeover remediation tool, admins can delete all email attacks sent internally from compromised accounts and issue alerts to any external recipients. IT teams are able to quickly lock out hackers from compromised accounts to ensure that they are no longer used with malicious intent.

Phishing and Impersonation Protection are included in Barracuda Email Protection.

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