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Simple and Scalable Cloud Service

Powered by the Secure Barracuda Cloud

CudaCam is an online service for video monitoring. All of your video is available by simply logging into the service at The service runs in the cloud, not on systems in your back office.

By plugging your cameras into the secure Barracuda cloud, you get the benefits of a much lower up-front cost, higher reliability, lower maintenance and continuous updates to the latest features.

  • Centralized, professionally operated service on enterprise class hardware provides high reliability and uptime.
  • Managed service never gets obsolete. CudaCam is constantly getting new features, to the service and to your cameras
  • No fixed camera limits let you scale as you go. One, two, ten, fifty, CudaCam supports any number of cameras.

Smart Plug-and-Play Cameras

Plug a CudaCam camera in and it automatically connects to the service and starts working, without network or camera configuration. CudaCam remotely manages and updates the cameras with ActiveSoftware so your camera is always up to date.

Unlimited Cameras, Storage, Locations and Users

CudaCam can scale to any size and your surveillance needs grow. There are no channel or data storage limits. There are no limits on the number of cameras that can be installed or locations that can be monitored. Install cameras when and where you need at a pace that meets your requirements. Never again worry about running out of storage or channels.

  • No camera limits (install as many as you like on your schedule)
  • No cloud data storage limits on video (storage is defined by days stored – 7, 30, 60 or 90)
  • Unlimited locations can be managed through a single account
  • Unlimited users can access a single account

Offsite Archiving Using the VideoVault™

One of the greatest benefits of using CudaCam is video and images are reliably stored off-site in our VideoVault™. Your video is reliably stored in the Barracuda security cloud, the same data centers trusted by millions of users and over 150,000 businesses with their critical business data. Your video is available when you need it and protected from unauthorized access and modification at all times.

Safeguard Your Privacy with Video Encryption

CudaCam cameras help guard your privacy. Everything recorded on the camera is fully encrypted, and it remains encrypted at all times - on the SD Card, on the internet, and in storage.

From the moment CudaCam cameras record video or images, they are encrypted and digitally signed with a highly secure stream cypher. The video and images remain unmodified, fully encrypted, all the way into the VideoVault™. Your video cannot be accessed on the camera, during transmission, or even if somebody gains access to the files in storage - you are protected every step of the way.

An important aspect of the CudaCam encryption model is it provides a unique signature for every asset. The signature assures the time and location of the imagery and the media itself cannot be modified without detection. When using recorded video in legal proceeding, the ability to conclusively prove the time, date, location, and veracity of the video is crucial.

Access Video Anytime, Anywhere – Even in Extremely Low Bandwidth

You can access CudaCam in two ways. For PC class browsers - whether, Mac, Windows, or Linux, the Flash-based user interface provides fast navigation, fully motion video, and other powerful features.

From a mobile device, log into and get access to all your data in a fast, lightweight, customizable user interface called Universal CudaCam. Universal CudaCam needs only basic browser functionality and can run on extremely low bandwidth, but still provides you with immediate access to your live or archived video.

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High Performance and Reliability

Capture High Quality Images in Almost Any Situation

CudaCam cameras capture commercial quality HD images in almost all situations. You get glare-free images in bright sunlight and clear images in low or variable light. There is even an IR illuminator for full night vision. Wide-angle, deep focus lenses ensure complete and focused image capture.

  • Motion Detection
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Infrared Capabilities
  • Onboard Storage
  • 128-bit Encryption
  • Wi-Fi or Wired
  • Exceptional Low-Light Performance

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Traditional surveillance technology often requires complex hardware and software that must be set up and which could get stolen. CudaCam eliminates most failure points in DVR-based surveillance systems:

  • No DVR/NVR which can get stolen
  • No complex software that can fail
  • Cameras continue to record even if your network is down
  • Reliable cloud storage and management
  • Service automatically monitors cameras and notifies you if a camera is not working correctly

IntelEvent™ Motion Capture Technology

CudaCam cameras capture video when something happens, and ignore hours of nothing. For each video segment, object based motion tracking captures a key image. The image shows you what the video segment is about without even watching the video. We call the combination an IntelEvent™, and they are a key part of how CudaCam works.

Bandwidth Shaping

Bandwidth Shaping

CudaCam cameras are fast and easy to use even over low bandwidth connections. All images and video are highly compressed so that only 300 Kbps is needed to support multiple cameras.

To further conserve bandwidth, CudaCam “shapes” data to spread out the load evenly over time. The cameras use MicroSD cards to store full video in a local buffer and only transmit thumbnail images immediately. The full video is transmitted when the buffer fills, when bandwidth becomes available or upon demand.

A compelling benefit of Bandwidth Shaping is connection recovery. If the camera temporarily loses Internet (and CudaCam) connectivity when using Bandwidth Shaping, IntelEvents recorded during the outage are saved and "recovered" when connectivity is restored - nothing is lost.

No Changes to Your Network

CudaCam cameras automatically connect to the CudaCam service over your broadband connection. The outbound connection is extremely secure and requires zero configuration in almost any network - just plug a CudaCam camera in and it works. This also isolates your network from security threats – no new holes in your firewalls!

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Intelligent Threat Management

Patented Real-Time Monitoring Technology

Our patented data mirror reflects real-time video and images to user interface – less than 5 seconds after it happens. The unique NOW mode displays the IntelEvent images as they occur. A quick glance keeps you up to date with what is happening. You can watch the event with a single click, or GO LIVE to see real time video. And everything you see in CudaCam is archived for later access.

Find Important Events without Browsing Hours of Video

To make it easier to find important events in your videos, CudaCam intelligently selects representative images of each video segment when motion or other specific events are detected. If several things happen in one video, you get several images.

Fast Navigation Controls

All of the captured video is segmented into “events” and organized for quick navigation. With the Bar View you quickly select a six hour period from a month of data. The Dash View provides a view of activity in a six hour period across a set of cameras. Click or drag the play head to show thumbnails for multiple cameras to find what you are looking for. If you need a deeper view of events the Thumbnail View shows images for many simultaneously.

When you select an event, it opens a Camera Control for video playback. You can play, pause, jump, and single step the video, access the images, and create SAVED EVENTS. You can also download the video or images to your local machine as MP4s and JPEGs for sharing with other people.

As you investigate IntelEvents, you can save your work with SAVED EVENTS. SAVED EVENTS provide tags (key words to group events together), fully searchable text, and exportable URLs. Any SAVED EVENT is locked in your archive, making sure the important items stay around.

Automatic Security Alerts

Set up alerts with CudaCam, on any camera, based on sensitivity, motion and time of day. Get notified via SMS when someone enters the building after hours. Get an email alert if something is not working correctly in your video solution. And one click gets you to the event in question to start figuring out what you need to do. Alerts are sent by email or SMS.

Centralized Management

All of your connected cameras can be monitored and managed from a simple web-based user interface.

  • Manage multiple sites, cameras, locations and users from a single account
  • Bandwidth management and scheduling
  • Motion alerts and scheduling
  • Offline alerts
  • Efficient navigation through recorded video and images with IntelEvents
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