Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Automate security policy compliance in the cloud.


Cloud Security Guardian is licensed per resource being secured. A resource is typically an EC2 instance or a VM instance. This is different from pay-as-you-go or bring-your-own-license pricing, as it will scale to protect resources across your infrastructure. For example, if your network automatically spins up additional WAF instances during peak usage, and then winds them down as usage slows, Cloud Security Guardian’s protection will expand and contract with those resources.

Metered Billing* trues up your usage at the end of every month, to provide the most accurate and cost-effective licensing for Cloud Security Guardian.

Cloud Security Guardian Metered Licensing*: AWS-only
Cloud Security Guardian PAYG Licensing: Azure-only
Cloud Storage Shield (Licensed as #files scanned): AWS S3 buckets only
Unified Forensics (licensed as # of logs ingested)
*Metered billing is currently supported only in AWS. Current Azure instances are licensed based on a manual resource count and on a pay-as-you-go basis.