Barracuda CloudGen WAN

Introducing the first secure SD-WAN service built natively on Azure.


Connectivity and SD-WAN

CloudGen WAN brings full SD-WAN functionality to Azure Virtual WAN, Microsoft’s native hybrid cloud service. Secure SD-WAN dynamically selects the most suitable uplink for each application in real time, based on traffic characteristics, available bandwidth, and latency between VPN endpoints. This lets you replace MPLS lines by globally connecting your sites via the Microsoft Global Network, the world’s fasted private network. Purpose-built for the cloud, CloudGen WAN provides seamless, automated access to your business-critical resourses, leveraging a rich feature-set including:

  • Adaptive bandwidth protection
  • Adaptive session balancing
  • Forward error correction (FEC)
  • SD-WAN breakout
  • Dynamic bandwidth and latency detection
  • Performance-based transport selection
  • TINA—Barracuda’s proprietary VPN protocol
  • Site-to-site connectivity
  • Failover link support
  • Dynamic quality of service
  • WAN compression

Directly deployed from Azure marketplace, the CloudGen WAN gateway becomes a part of Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Hub and, together with CloudGen WAN site devices, ensures optimized connectivity from every branch office to the nearest Azure Cloud entry point. Barracuda supports dynamic path selection across multiple ISPs for Azure Virtual WAN, giving you failsafe, always-on cloud connectivity. The close integration with native Azure services seamlessly integrates Barracuda CloudGen WAN into your Azure cloud infrastructure.

Management and automation

CloudGen WAN is easy to set up and does not require specialized IT skills. Directly deployed from Azure marketplace, the service works out of the box with smart default configuration, suitable for all cloud and SaaS applications. CloudGen WAN runs natively as a SaaS service inside one or multiple Azure Virtual WAN regions and provides easy, automated access to the Microsoft Global Network. The service can either be rolled out to all locations as a pure SD-WAN solution alongside existing firewalls or as a secure SD-WAN solution replacing existing firewalls.

Zero-touch deployment lets you deploy CloudGen WAN site devices directly from the factory to the desired remote location without requiring on-site IT personnel. Simply connect the unit and power it up. With no need for manual configuration on-site, zero-touch deployment allows you to deploy CloudGen WAN site devices across widely distributed organizations easily, rapidly, and at very low cost.

Directly managed via the CloudGen WAN management portal for all regions and all sites across your global WAN, regardless of the number of cloud entry points or locations. The central cloud portal offers the highest degree of automation and unparalleled ease of use. CloudGen WAN continuously monitors and optimizes network performance to ensure uninterrupted always-on connectivity and high quality of service levels for your business-critical traffic and applications.


CloudGen WAN is built on the same technology as CloudGen Firewall, Barracuda’s battle-tested enterprise firewall (“Recommended” in NSS Labs NGFW Group Test 2019). Purpose-built for the cloud, CloudGen WAN provides advanced multi-layered security to protect your business-critical resourses, leveraging a rich feature-set including:

  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Malware protection
  • SSL inspection
  • Stateful deep packet inspection
  • Single pass architecture
  • URL filtering--application-based ACL