Secure SD-WAN:

Reduce Costs and Ensure Application Availability

Software-Defined Wide-Area-Networks are an increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative to hardwired network connections and MPLS infrastructures, but they still require firewalls to secure network connections. With other vendors, this means buying, managing, and maintaining two boxes at each location—an SD-WAN appliance to connect to the WAN and a network firewall to provide security controls. Only Barracuda combines SD-WAN connectivity and advanced security into a single product that can be deployed on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance or in the cloud.

Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewalls redefine the role of the firewall from a pure perimeter security solution to a distributed network optimization solution that can scale across any number of locations and applications. In addition to typical security and application regulation functions, the firewall regulates traffic flows and provides SD-WAN features to economically route traffic across the extended network while improving performance. Replacing expensive, leased MPLS lines with inexpensive Broadband and smart VPN tunnels providing traffic compression across multiple uplinks significantly minimizes WAN cost.

  • Router
  • WAN Optimization
  • Threat Protection
  • Firewall
  • Centralized Management
  • Cloud Integration

SD-WAN Overview

Learn how Barracuda’s Secure SD-WAN and Advanced Security enhances the performance of your corporate network in the era of widely dispersed networks including SaaS applications and public cloud deployments.

SD-WAN Overview
Barracuda SD-WAN Zero Touch Deployment
Barracuda ATP for SD-WAN
Application Optimization for
Advanced Security for your

Economic Rollout of Firewalls to Remote Locations

When you need to manage a quick rollout across multiple remote locations—many of which may lack qualified IT personnel—the Barracuda’s Zero Touch Deployment capabilities make it easy. Zero Touch Deployment lets you deploy Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls directly from the factory to the desired remote location.

Zero Touch Deployment allows sending appliances to location without having to pre-setup them beforehand. After unpacking the appliance and powering it up, the appliance automatically connects to the Barracuda Cloud Control where it receives a very basic set of information. This Information is just enough to create a highly secure TINA VPN connection to the private Barracuda Firewall Control Center and the full configuration is send to the appliance via the VPN tunnel.


Cut MPLS Costs with Bandwidth Optimization

If you have branch offices and remote locations that need to run SaaS applications or connect to your network, Barracuda can dramatically reduce your WAN costs. The traditional approach of backhauling traffic to a main office via costly MPLS leased lines can’t deliver on price and performance in the cloud era.

Barracuda lets you establish direct internet breakouts for optimized cloud accessibility. Our SD-WAN maintains a fully meshed VPN using less expensive broadband connections. Use the Savings Calculator to see how much your organization to save.

Prioritize Mission-Critical Traffic for Great User Experiences

In the age of widely dispersed networks and Cloud adoption Barracuda´s Secure SD-WAN should be the cornerstone in every organizations traffic management and quality of service posture. Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls dynamically assign available bandwidth, uplink, and routing information based not only on protocol, user, location, and content, but also on applications, application categories, and even web content categories.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls also pro-actively measure the available bandwidths and latency between VPN endpoints in real-time to select the best suitable uplink per application. If the measured bandwidth of an uplink is not sufficient to sustain business-critical traffic, the Firewall automatically shifts sessions for non-critical traffic to secondary links, to free up high-quality bandwidth for critical traffic.


Optimized Connectivity to Workloads Hosted in Public Cloud Platforms

Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewalls with SD-WAN let you take full advantage of the simplicity, elasticity, and performance benefits of the public cloud. Our centralized management makes it easy and highly cost-effective to manage a unified security posture across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Barracuda firewalls support Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform in addition to on-premises environments and private clouds. They address cloud-native automation capabilities and integrate with the full suite of management and monitoring capabilities that constitute public cloud eco-systems.