Secure SD-WAN

Boost application performance and reduce costs.

SD-WAN overview

Learn how Barracuda’s secure SD-WAN and advanced security enhances the performance of your corporate network in the era of widely dispersed networks including SaaS applications and public cloud deployments.

SD-WAN overview
Barracuda SD-WAN zero-touch deployment
Barracuda ATP for SD-WAN
Application optimization for SD-WAN
Advanced security for your SD-WAN

Barracuda Firewall Control Center – your central management platform

Managing hundreds or thousands of firewalls can be a costly and time-intensive process that requires qualified staff. Barracuda Firewall Control Center offers the scalability, visibility, and real-time trouble shooting capabilities organizations need to configure and maintain security and connectivity in wide area networks. With Barracuda’s central management platform, large firewall deployments feel like one integrated system which results in significantly decreased administrative overhead.

All you need to know on one screen

Never get lost in your firewall deployment. Clearly arranged dashboards provide a complete overview and with the wide range of drill-down capabilities you gain full control over security and connectivity.

All you need to know on one screen
Create site-to-site connections by simply drag and drop
Leverage the best connections for your business-critical applications
Always be on top of your WAN with Barracuda Firewall Insights

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall – your single-box solution for security and SD-WAN

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall combines full next-generation security including Advanced Threat Protection with advanced SD-WAN capabilities in a single box solution. Comprehensive central management and a rich feature set including dynamic bandwidth measurement, performance based transport selection, and our own powerful TINA VPN protocol make Barracuda CloudGen Firewall the perfect fit for widely dispersed network architectures.

Secure branch-to-branch and branch-to-cloud connectivity with SD-WAN

Public cloud computing provides many benefits, but to leverage them, you need to ensure that branch offices have secure, reliable, low-latency access to applications and data hosted in the public cloud. Most wide area networks (WAN) today are still designed for a pre-cloud era, with all internet traffic backhauled to a central datacenter/breakout point where security policy is enforced. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall provides a unique amalgamation of next-generation security, fully integrated SD-WAN, and public-cloud readiness. This enables the most cost-effective, uninterrupted access to companies’ resources hosted in the public cloud.

Direct internet breakout at every location for predictable SaaS application performance

Backhauling internet traffic to a central breakout is no longer sustainable once you decide to leverage SaaS applications. These cloud-hosted applications increase overall traffic while requiring very low latency. To manage these demands, you need local internet breakouts at every location. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall provides scalable central management, local security enforcement, advanced uplink intelligence and QoS for every branch office. Application-aware security and prioritization ensure that business-critical SaaS applications are assigned the highest priority and the best suitable uplink.

Enterprise-wide security and application policy enforcement across WAN and cloud

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall provides multiple layers of protection—including cloud-based sandboxing—that stop both traditional and new, advanced threats without impacting network performance. The Firewall Control Center eliminates the need to manage individual locations or appliances by adding a virtual WAN edge with automatic security enforcement across the entire WAN edge, including cloud and virtual locations.