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Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking to offer Barracuda solutions to your customers? Barracuda MSP provides security and data protection for SMBs, delivered exclusively through the IT channel.

This turnkey, all-in-one, subscription-based solution that simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery service delivery for IT service providers.

Available as either an all-in-one physical appliance or a virtual appliance, Barracuda Backup – MSP offers MSPs a flexible solution for protecting a variety of IT and application environments.

Built for rapid rollout of robust data protection services:

  • Integrated backup software, local storage, and cloud storage that you can deploy in under an hour
  • Fast recovery to prevent customer data loss and minimize application downtime
  • Cloud-based centralized management for seamless multi-site administration
  • Available as a virtual appliance that can be deployed without requiring additional hardware

Barracuda Backup – MSP is available on an affordable, monthly, fixed-price basis per SMB customer.


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