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Information Management, Retention, and Discovery Made Easy

Some of the most important information in your organization is contained in emails and documents that are often among thousands of mailboxes, network file servers and end-user devices. ArchiveOne gives you ownership and control over all of your import communication, documents and other unstructured data. ArchiveOne safely archives your emails and files, making it easy to comply with email retention policies and easy to find information no matter where it resides.

Built on a simple and flexible design, ArchiveOne gives your organization ownership and control over your data and offers a single solution for regulatory compliance, data retention and eDiscovery.

  • Integrated platform for archiving, compliance, search, and discovery
  • Seamless access across live and archived data
  • Intuitive management console
  • High scalability to support multiple Exchange servers

Policy Based Archiving with ArchiveOne

You can automatically archive data from Exchange mailboxes, public folders, PST files, and network file servers to any designated storage device. You can also archive email directly from your Exchange Journal, to help ensure regulatory compliance. Seamless integration with Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) means that end users retain full access to archived data from their desktop and mobile devices, even when they are offline.

ArchiveOne manages information across your organization, enabling compliance, ediscovery, capacity and PST management

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File Management with ArchiveOne

ArchiveOne provides fully automated archiving and retrieval capabilities for files, giving you control over the ever-increasing volume of documents and other important data. It does not require any desktop software to be installed on client systems or any end-user training, and users continue to have full access to their files at all times. If a user requests a file that has been archived, it will be retrieved automatically and restored to its original location.

Retention Management with ArchiveOne

ArchiveOne applies retention policies and enforces legal holds, and disposes of unwanted emails and files, even if the data has not been archived first. This highly efficient approach leverages resources you already have in place, and allows for rapid growth of your data without first having to deploy an archiving infrastructure.

eDiscovery with ArchiveOne

ArchiveOne Advanced Discovery simplifies the identification and collection of email data. Optimized for legal and business users, it enables them to perform Early Case Assessment for regulatory and legal challenges. They will also find it easy to respond to internal investigations and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The familiar workflow and interface, accessed via a web-based console, enables end users to perform queries and collections, and to manage compliance capture, all without the involvement of IT staff.