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ArchiveOne for the Insurance

Email communication is at the heart of insurance claims and accountability.

Wherever email is utilized within the Insurance world, those communications need to be captured, archived, and readily available for subsequent searches. C2C’s information management solutions are simple to deploy and easy to operate. Remote users can access email regardless of device, and through the same interfaces they use for Outlook email today.

Personal archives or PST files pose different risks for insurance companies, since they can often contain highly sensitive information. C2C’s superior PST management software tools have enabled many insurers to rid their information stores of PSTs either as part of an upgrade or a migration to a newer email platform.




How Email Archiving Makes Insurance
Safer and More Efficient

Any email communications between agents and companies, or within the companies themselves, need to be retained – often for an indefinite period of time – and available for recall at a moment’s notice. By deploying policy-based archiving using ArchiveOne, insurance companies can easily ensure that users have ongoing access to emails and can provide useful stubs to help guide them to the email for which they are searching.

ArchiveOne keeps storage requirements to a minimum using powerful compression algorithms and single-instance storage. In an environment where emails can number in the tens of thousands per week, this volume adds up quickly and can be very costly. ArchiveOne customers typically see a reduction of over 50% in storage requirements the moment they deploy archiving.

Powerful end-user search routines are also included in our archiving modules. Through a search window which is very familiar to users, emails can be queried based on any type of metadata, such as dates or authors, as well as keywords within those emails or the attachments included with them. This makes unstructured information associated with insurance claims easy to find.

ArchiveOne gives nsurance companies a way to automate their email retention rules. For example, you can set up rules to preserve valuable information and not preserve worthless data (an example are .wav files, which generally have no business use). You can even delete of information once it has passed a given retention threshold. These policies can run automatically and be suspended whenever necessary.




eDiscovery in the Insurance World

Insurance companies are often bound-up in litigation. They are either the objects of litigation or act as third parties to other ongoing litigation.

Before a company employs outside counsel, they need to be able to quickly identify the size and scope of discovery which could be appropriate for a given case.  This “early case assessment” is most efficiently performed on the company’s email archives, since the bulk of relevant documents as well as conversations will be found there.

ArchiveOne customers often deploy a unique web-based console called Advanced Discovery/Legal Console. This two-step product allows any knowledge worker with the appropriate permission the ability to first cast a “wide net” looking for all email data which meets a given set of criteria (users or custodians, date ranges, keywords) and then drill-down into that data through a powerful search interface that supports document tagging, email preview, and simple collection into an external file format for litigation review.

Barracuda’s Advanced Discovery will search across user inboxes, public folders, and locally-stored archives or PST files as well as in archives. This ensures that no potentially relevant email goes unnoticed.  All potentially relevant email data is placed in a secure repository – i.e., a legal hold – and is marked as such. This ensures that users can continue with their day-to-day work without disturbing files under legal hold, versus other solutions which merely mark documents in-place and risk spoliation if users tamper with the on-hold mail.




Preserving Information After
Company Consolidations

Consolidation is common within the insurance world. Information distributed among independent agents, boutique providers and larger insurers increases the number of domain changes and consolidations which occur among insurance companies.

These consolidations create their own set of unique problems.  It is typical in this environment to use PST files to support POP3 mail accounts for remote users, but it is equally challenging to migrate these users to Exchange mailboxes because of those PST files.  Users need to be migrated to new email accounts while their existing accounts are still active – i.e., agents and companies can’t simply stop working until a consolidation is completed.

Using ArchiveOne, several companies have accomplished complicated migrations and consolidations without putting undue hardships on their users.  Powerful scheduling routines allow personal archives or PSTs to be migrated to new mailboxes at off-peak hours and ArchiveOne’s automatic identification of PST owners overcame the problem of orphaned archives due to new email names.