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Information Archiving

Optimize capacity, enable compliance and discovery, and manage PST files

Archiving products have evolved from their initial capabilities of capacity management and performance into highly complex Information Management solutions delivering a broad set of capabilities that also include compliance, discovery and PST management.

Archiving solutions address the information management needs of organizations both now and for the foreseeable future. They improve the availability and manageability of email and file storage operations by reducing both the amount of data and the disk space required to store this data.

Using a policy based approach automates and enforces both the retention and the deletion of data wherever it exists across the organization. This enables organizations to achieve a lower overall cost of ownership whilst providing an improved service to end users, supporting discovery activities and reducing the risk of non compliance with regulations and standards.


Why do you need information archiving?

  • CAPACITY - Email and file servers quickly fill with operational data. Whilst storage costs are decreasing, servers still represent a significant initial investment and ongoing management cost.
  • PERFORMANCE – When multiple gigabytes or terabytes of data are stored, searching and retrieving this unstructured data becomes inefficient and impacts system performance and reliability.
  • BACKUP – Large amounts of email and file data take longer to process and will have a significant impact on backup windows and system recovery operations.
  • DISCOVERY - Organizations retaining large volumes of unstructured data and email will find the cost of legal and other similar information requests escalating.
  • COMPLIANCE - All email and file data should be subject to information management policies, as unstructured or unmanaged data puts the organization at risk of non-compliance.
  • RISK - Failing to secure or retain sensitive and relevant data in a proper manner greatly increases the risk of data loss, theft or corruption, regulatory challenges, fines and legal prosecution.

What are the benefits of archiving?


Moving less frequently accessed mail out of the primary inbox enables users to be more productive and circumvents mailbox quotas. Advanced compression technologies and deduplication can reduce storage requirements by 50% or more and deliver ongoing cost savings.


Comply with corporate information governance policies and minimize the risks undiscovered and unmanaged PST data can bring, whilst reducing the cost of storing and supporting these files.


Retain and preserve only the data that is needed, and delete all obsolete or redundant data. As well as reducing costs, this ensures the whole organization is compliant with its information management policies and minimize the risk of incurring fines or sanctions.


Locate and search all data across the organization, and respond to requests for information, investigation or legal discovery.