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ArchiveOne for Education

ArchiveOne’s Information Management solution provides a straightforward way to manage email and email retention for both students and staff.

Education has unique challenges as it must often support two disparate sets of users: students and staff.  C2C’s ArchiveOne information management solution provides a straightforward way to manage email and email retention for both these user groups in a way that is seamless for the end user, since a system that required end user training would be impractical.


Students vs. staff and their different
email retention requirements

Students who use school-provided email are by their nature transient. Once they complete their educational curriculum at that institution, they no longer need to be part of the institution’s email system. However, institutions may need to retain students’ email for some period of time as regulations vary, but ultimately these emails will be candidates for destruction.

Staff, on the other hand, need longer-term access. Business staff’s email needs are no different than at any other business, and faculty’s needs for email may include course discussions and well as their own research. Students aren’t likely to have personal archives or PST files, but with faculty it’s another story. They are very likely to have PST files, and may even have taken to utilizing PSTs as a way to organize archived information.

In both cases, implementing information management solves these issues. C2C’s ArchiveOne can automatically apply retention policies to students’ email, and expire or delete them without further intervention once the retention period has passed. For staff and faculty, an email archiving capability eliminates the need for personal archives or PST files. In addition, ArchiveOne can re-ingest those PST files into the archive which provides better access for the user, eliminates issues with corrupt or damaged PST files, and supports centralized storage and management of all archived data.

BYOD’s been around longer in education than any other discipline

While it is typical for a business to provide its employees necessary tools like a computer, telephone, etc., within the educational community, faculty are not necessarily incorporated into the institution’s IT system like their business counterparts.  Institutions may have guest faculty, they have part-time faculty, and they also have researchers (who may or may not be students) – all of whom may in fact be bringing their own devices. This is BYOD before the term was even invented.

For educational institutions facing the challenges of user-provided devices, C2C’s ArchiveOne provides a unique, single-interface for archived email:  it is simply part of their Outlook environment.

The other significant value which C2C provides is the management – and in most cases, elimination – of PST files.  In cases where users are providing their own devices, the institution’s IT staff must be able to either eliminate PSTs are centrally manage them, otherwise they lose control over email.


Queries and Information Requests

While some educational institutions are subject to freedom of information requests, all are potentially subject to queries, particularly legal ones.

In the case of a query – for any particular reason – the institution’s IT staff is rarely well-positioned with the time or specific query knowledge needed to satisfy the request efficiently and without diverting efforts from other projects.  Ideally, the institution needs some type of broad-approach search capability where a specific knowledge worker can perform these queries on their own.

C2C’s information management solutions offer an Advanced Search capability which can search across the network, across mailboxes, and even through personal archives and shared folders, for information which is relevant to a given request.   They can perform further qualifying searches, can tag information as appropriate, and then export it out to satisfy the next phase of this query, whether it is to publish information for a freedom of information request or submit relevant data to outside counsel for further review.  The flexibility of C2C’s solution supports all of these situations.



High Retention Does Not Necessarily Mean Expensive Storage

Whenever on-premise email data solutions are involved, storage management becomes an issue, and C2C’s information management solutions have a proven track record in dramatically reducing the volume of stored information through unique compression algorithms and single-instance storage.