For Azure

Cloud Security Guardian has been designed from the ground up to integrate with Azure and leverage built-in security and alerting features. The result is a more secure cloud infrastructure with an easy-to-use, highly automated solution that helps keep you secure in an era of increasing compliance mandates.

Cloud Security Guardian
integration with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Security Guardian and Security Graph API

With cloud-native integration, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian receives continual alerts via Security Graph API. It gives you a single-plane-of-glass interface, with native alerts and Barracuda compliance alerts aggregated and displayed together. Additionally, it clearly associates each alert with an actionable response.

Cloud Security Guardian and Azure Firewall

Among cloud security posture solutions, only Cloud Security Guardian can detect security situations that require a WAF or a Firewall and automatically configure and deploy them for you. Cloud Security Guardian is tightly integrated with Azure, and can also automatically configure and deploy the Azure Firewall, which is a Stateful firewall as a service. Cloud Security Guardian also lets you seamlessly manage and visualize both CloudGen Firewall and Azure Firewall instances from within your Cloud Security Guardian console

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Deploy from AWS marketplace.

Deploy from Azure marketplace.