Cloud Security Guardian has been designed from the ground up to integrate with AWS and leverage built-in security and alerting features. The result is a more secure cloud infrastructure with an easy-to-use, highly automated solution that helps keep you secure in an era of increasing complexity and multiplying compliance mandates.

Cloud Security Guardian and AWS Security Hub

AWS Security Hub provides a comprehensive view of all your alerts, whether they are generated by native AWS tools or by third-party solutions. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian scans your S3 buckets for malware and malicious objects. When it detects malware, it denies further access to the file and generates a security notification that is delivered via AWS Security Hub.

Cloud Security Guardian and CloudWatch

Cloud Security Guardian has been tightly integrated with AWS CloudWatch. Cloud Security Guardian ingests events from CloudWatch and presents them in a readable format. Additionally, CloudWatch events trigger compliance scans by Cloud Security Guardian to check for any policy violation.

Leveraging AWS Metered Billing

Cloud Security Guardian leverages AWS Metered Billing—it is licensed on a per-resource-protected-per-hour basis, and total consumption is trued-up in a monthly bill. This means that when you use Cloud Security Guardian to protect auto-scaling deployments, your usage will scale up and down with your deployments, assuring you only pay for actual usage.

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