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Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot for VMware Enables Customers to Boot VMware Images Replicated to the Cloud

Barracuda Backup Extends Booting and File-level Restore Directly from Deduplicated Backup Images to Barracuda Cloud Storage Service

Campbell, Calif. (June 18, 2013) - Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading provider of security and storage solutions, today announced the release of Barracuda Backup version 5.2, featuring Cloud LiveBoot for VMware. The new version extends Barracuda Backup LiveBoot recovery technology to the cloud, enabling customers to boot VMware images they have replicated to the cloud by pulling data directly from deduplicated storage as it is needed. This new functionality is included at no additional charge to Barracuda Backup customers with Energize Updates and Instant Replacement subscriptions.

"Very few backup products offer cloud storage and a method to recover VMware backups in the cloud, and those that do typically require specialized or dedicated storage for each customer in the cloud, significantly driving up the cost of the service," said Guy Suter, GM Storage, Barracuda Networks. "Barracuda Backup's Cloud LiveBoot functionality removes that barrier, and offers an easy way to get a VMware source up and running in the cloud and easily boot a server from their deduplicated storage with no configuration needed."

Barracuda Backup offers a complete end-to-end business backup solution for mixed physical and virtual server environments. Barracuda LiveBoot for VMware enables a virtual machine to be booted directly off the Barracuda Backup Server's deduplicated backup storage live, getting businesses up and running again quickly. With Barracuda Backup version 5.2, customers can extend Barracuda LiveBoot for VMware to the cloud using Barracuda's virtualization infrastructure. In addition to recovery and reducing overall downtime, Barracuda Cloud LiveBoot for VMware provides customers a platform for testing the validity of their backups, granular restores, and testing applications outside of their production environments.

"One of the true differentiators among modern virtualization protection solutions is the ability to rapidly bring VMs online from their protection storage, instead of first recovering the data to the original virtualization hosts," said Jason Buffington, senior analyst at ESG. "Meanwhile customers of all sizes are looking for cloud-based DR capabilities in order to protect and recover their VMs remotely. Combining an instant recovery capability with a cloud-DR architecture opens up a lot of possibilities for customers looking for more agile recovery scenarios."

"Barracuda Backup version 5.2 with Cloud LiveBoot will allow customers to get additional utility from something they are already doing - replicating and storing their backup data in the cloud," continued Suter. "Barracuda Backup LiveBoot in the cloud can be accessed through the restore browser's web interface and can be activated on the fly, and up and running in a few minutes. It can be that easy."

Barracuda Backup version 5.2 customers will continue to benefit from the same capabilities they have come to depend on with Barracuda Backup:

  • Diverse Restore and Availability Options- Barracuda Backup features an intuitive restore browser where administrators can recover a whole server (physical or virtual), can selectively restore folders and individual files from a single pass backup, or can restore to the Copy cloud and share data with other Copy users.
  • Elastic Recovery Resources- Barracuda Backup's integration with the customer's VMware environment provides flexibility on the compute resources applied to recovered servers. Barracuda Backup sets the industry standard for assured data storage and retrieval while minimizing data-storage costs and administration effort.

Pricing and Availability

Barracuda Backup version 5.2 including Cloud LiveBoot for VMware is available now for current customers with Energize Updates and Instant Replacement subscriptions who are replicating data to the cloud. Barracuda Backup includes a one-time hardware purchase of a Barracuda Backup Server (starting at $999 USD for US customers) and an Energize Updates subscription (starting at $199 USD per year for US customers). Energize Updates provides all server and application agents at no additional charge. Upgraded Cloud storage can be purchased for any model backup server (starting at $499 USD per year for US customers) or cloud storage can be purchased in 200Gb increments for $50 USD per month ($0.25/Gb for US customers). For additional information, please visit


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