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Press Releases

Date Title
2011-11-30 Barracuda Networks Turns 'Follows' and 'Likes' into Meals for Children in Need
2011-11-29 SC Magazine Readers Select Barracuda Networks as a Finalist in 2012 Awards for Best Web Content Management and Best Enterprise Firewall
2011-11-18 Barracuda Networks Wins 2011 Windows IT Pro Community Choice Award and Editors Best Award
2011-10-24 Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Reaches Inside the Perimeter for Anti-Virus Protection on Microsoft Exchange Servers
2011-10-12 Nine Out of 10 People Attacked and One of Five Damaged by Privacy Lapse on Social Networks
2011-09-19 Jump aboard the No Limits Roadshow: Putting an end to threats from the Internet
2011-08-04 Barracuda Networks Doubles Cloud Storage for the Same Low Price
2011-07-20 Barracuda NG Earth Allows Administrators to Manage VPN Tunnels Worldwide in Real Time and 3D
2011-07-14 Barracuda Networks Selected by AlwaysOn as an AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner
2011-05-10 Barracuda Backup Server Now Features "Private Cloud" Capabilities For Offsite Data Redundancy"
2011-05-10 Barracuda Web Security Flex Receives Best of Interop Award in Security Category
2011-04-20 Barracuda Web Security Flex Named Security Finalist in Best of Interop Awards
2011-03-16 Barracuda Networks Encourages K-12 Customers to "Think Cloud""
2011-03-03 Email Spam Drops by Half While Search Malware Increases 50 Percent and Twitter Crime Rate Rises 20 Percent During 2010
2011-02-14 Barracuda Networks To Take The Stage at RSA and BSides Security Conferences
2011-02-08 73 Percent of Organizations Have Been Hacked At Least Once In The Last 24 Months Through Insecure Web Applications
2011-02-02 Barracuda Web Security Flex Provides Web Security with No Limits
2011-01-18 Barracuda Networks Customer Portfolio Expands to More Than 130,000 Worldwide
2011-01-12 Barracuda Networks Named as Finalist in "Best Security Company" Category in Prominent SC Readers Trust Awards"
2010-12-02 Barracuda Networks Expands Email Security Offerings with Cloud Services
2010-11-09 Barracuda Networks Launches Security Bug Bounty Program
2010-10-14 Barracuda Networks Recognizes Channel Partner Achievements at Annual EMEA Partner and Customer Summit
2010-10-14 Barracuda NG Firewall Increases Platform Scalability With Advanced Multiprocessing Capabilities
2010-09-08 Barracuda Web Filter Adds Remote Filtering Capabilities to Protect Traveling Users from Malware and Malicious Content
2010-08-04 Barracuda Networks Launches First Affordable, ‘Disaster-Proof' SSL VPN Solution for Enterprises
2010-07-28 Google Crowned “King of Malware” – Has Two Times More Malware than Bing, Yahoo! and Twitter Combined
2010-07-20 Barracuda Web Application Firewall Extends Support for Enterprise Authentication Systems
2010-07-14 Barracuda Networks’ ‘Blue’ is the New ‘Green’
2010-06-30 Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Protects Against Data Leaks with Broader Outbound Email Content Filtering Capabilities
2010-06-24 Barracuda Networks Refutes Speculation Regarding SonicWALL Acquisition
2010-04-30 Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Receives Readers’ Choice Award
2010-04-28 Barracuda Message Archiver Extends Beyond Email to Archive All Microsoft Exchange Items
2010-04-08 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Backup Server 990 Featuring Increased Storage Capacity for Local Data Backup
2010-03-10 Twitter Makes its Red Carpet Debut for Celebrities and Criminals
2010-03-09 Barracuda SSL VPN Wins 2010 SC Magazine Reader Trust Award
2010-03-01 Barracuda Networks to Present on Social Networking Threats and JavaScript Exploits in Two Separate Presentations at RSA Conference 2010
2010-02-04 Barracuda Load Balancer Now Includes Layer 7 Content Routing and Global Server Load Balancing
2010-02-02 Barracuda Networks Introduces the Barracuda NG Firewall
2009-12-17 2010 SC Awards Program Shortlists Three Barracuda Networks Products
2009-11-16 Barracuda Networks Chief Research Officer to Speak at INTEROP New York
2009-11-04 Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall Introduces New Features Targeted at Service Providers and Enterprises
2009-10-14 Barracuda Networks Launches Integrated Local and Cloud-based Backup Solution in Europe
2009-10-13 Barracuda Networks Acquires Purewire
2009-09-28 Barracuda Networks Acquires Controlling Interest in phion
2009-09-09 Barracuda Networks Improves Public Tender Offer for phion
2009-09-04 Barracuda Networks Introduces Inbound Link Balancing Via Authoritative DNS; Lowers Price of Barracuda Link Balancer
2009-08-18 Barracuda Networks Leads the Email and Web Application Security Markets in Japan
2009-08-10 Barracuda Networks Launches CudaTel – New VoIP PBX Based on the Open Source FreeSWITCH Project
2009-07-16 Barracuda Networks to Submit Public Tender to Acquire phion
2009-07-15 Barracuda Networks Introduces Market Disruptive Pricing and Simplified User Interface for BarracudaWare’s Yosemite Server Backup
2009-07-13 Barracuda Networks Offers Complete Data Deduplication Technology with Barracuda Backup Service
2009-06-10 Barracuda Networks Warns Against Rogue Antivirus Program
2009-06-01 Barracuda Networks Lowers and Simplifies Cost of Storage for the Barracuda Backup Service
2009-05-20 Barracuda Networks Launches SSL VPN for SMBs; Debuts Cache Cleaning and Network Access Control Features
2009-05-19 Barracuda Networks Launches New Enterprise-Class Barracuda Web Filter
2009-04-30 Barracuda Networks Wins 2009 SC Magazine Reader Trust Award
2009-04-08 Liberty Tax Service Stays Online During Busy Tax Season with Barracuda Load Balancer
2009-04-06 Barracuda Networks Enhances Virus and Malware Threat Prevention Techniques; Renames Flagship Barracuda Spam Firewall
2009-03-26 Barracuda Networks Signs Pan European Distribution Agreement with Arrow ECS' DNS Arrow Group
2009-03-12 Barracuda Networks Introduces Barracuda Message Archiver 150 and Exchange Stubbing Capabilities
2009-03-04 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda SSL VPN 680 for Enterprises and Large Organizations
2009-03-03 Barracuda Networks Launches Two New Barracuda Web Application Firewall Models for Enterprises
2009-02-19 Leading Research Firm Names Barracuda Networks the Unit Volume Leader in the Worldwide Content Security Appliance Market in 2007
2009-02-10 Barracuda Networks Announces Message-Level Backup for the Barracuda Backup Service
2009-02-05 Barracuda Networks Warns Against Spam Campaigns Purportedly from IRS and Canada Revenue Agency
2009-01-27 Barracuda Networks Acquires Yosemite Technologies; Integrates Popular Yosemite Backup Software with Barracuda Backup Service
2008-12-16 Barracuda Networks Predicts Spam Volumes Beyond 95 Percent in 2009
2008-12-10 Trio of Barracuda Networks' Products Named Finalists in 2009 SC Awards Program
2008-11-24 Barracuda Networks Detects Surge in Google AdWords Phishing Emails; Expects More Phishing Attacks Leading up to Thanksgiving
2008-11-17 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda SSL VPN Following Acquisition of Reputable SSL VPN Provider
2008-11-13 Barracuda Networks' Report Finds Importance of Email Archiving Goes Beyond Compliance
2008-11-06 Barracuda Networks Acquires BitLeap; Launches Integrated Local and Cloud-Based Backup Solution
2008-10-09 Barracuda Networks Detects and Blocks "Backdoor" Virus Sent via Fake Microsoft Security Update Email"
2008-10-02 Barracuda Networks Offers Free Access to Industry’s Most Comprehensive Real-Time Block List
2008-09-22 Barracuda Networks Customer Portfolio Expands to 70,000 Worldwide
2008-09-18 Barracuda Networks Leads in Market Share for Anti-Spam and Web Application Firewall Solutions in Japan, According to Latest Report
2008-09-17 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Link Balancer
2008-08-21 Barracuda Spam Firewall Rejects Invalid Non-Delivery Report Messages
2008-08-01 Barracuda Spam Firewall Named 2008 Editor's Best Award Winner by Windows IT Pro Magazine
2008-06-24 Barracuda Networks Increases Bid to Acquire Sourcefire; Aims to Pursue a Mutually Acceptable Agreement
2008-06-24 New Microsoft Outlook Integration Gives Barracuda Message Archiver Users Direct Access to Stored Email
2008-06-12 Barracuda Web Filter Expands Support for Novell eDirectory
2008-05-29 Barracuda Networks Proposes to Acquire Sourcefire for $7.50 Per Share in Cash
2008-05-21 Barracuda Networks Launches New High-Capacity Barracuda Spam Firewall
2008-04-29 Barracuda Networks Launches New Barracuda Message Archiver Models for Enterprises
2008-04-15 Barracuda Networks Receives Prestigious SC Magazine Reader’s Trust and Excellence Award Honors
2008-04-08 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Web Site Firewall
2008-02-07 Barracuda Networks Launches First Enterprise-Class Web Application Controller for SMB Market
2008-01-24 Barracuda Networks Announces Support for Centralized Retention and Management of Email and IM Messages
2008-01-18 Barracuda Networks Wins “Most Popular Product” and “Technology Innovation” Awards at NetAdmin World Magazine’s Annual Meeting in Beijing
2008-01-10 Barracuda Networks Named Excellence Award and Reader Trust Finalists in 2008 SC Magazine Awards Program
2008-01-09 Barracuda Networks Protects Users Against Latest Phishing Malware Attack
2007-12-12 Barracuda Networks Releases Annual Spam Report
2007-11-23 Barracuda Networks Reports Thanksgiving Day Phishing Surge as Scammers Rush to Cash In On ‘Black Friday’
2007-11-14 Barracuda Web Filter Wins “Best of Connections 2007” Award From Windows IT Pro in Windows Category
2007-11-07 Barracuda Networks Study Shows Half of Businesses Restricting Employee Web Surfing Also Block Social Networking Sites
2007-10-02 Barracuda Networks Survey Contrasts IT Security Professionals’ Views of Open Source Software and Commercial Software
2007-10-02 Barracuda Networks Becomes an Open Invention Network Licensee
2007-09-20 Barracuda Networks Leads in Market Share and Revenue for Anti-Spam Solutions in Japan, According to Latest Report
2007-09-17 Barracuda Networks Acquires Netcontinuum
2007-09-17 Barracuda Networks Hits 50,000 Customer Milestone and Receives Array of Industry Accolades
2007-08-13 Barracuda Spam Firewall Enhances Zip File Spam Scanning
2007-08-01 Barracuda Spam Firewall Named 2007 Community Choice Award Winner by Windows IT Pro for Second Year in a Row
2007-07-24 Barracuda Networks Introduces Comprehensive Barracuda Message Archiver
2007-07-05 Barracuda Networks Founders Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2007 Award Recipients in Northern California
2007-07-02 Barracuda Real-Time Protection Ensures Industry-Leading Response Times to Email-Borne Virus and Malware Threats
2007-06-29 Barracuda Spam Firewall Thwarts PDF Spam
2007-06-20 Barracuda Networks Announces New California Headquarters; Expands Operations with New Facility in Michigan
2007-06-18 Barracuda Networks Introduces High-Capacity Barracuda Load Balancer
2007-06-14 Barracuda Spam Firewall Spam Accuracy Remains Unaffected by Recent Denial of Service Attacks to Spamhaus
2007-06-07 Barracuda Networks Launches New Barracuda Spam Firewall for Small Businesses
2007-06-05 Barracuda Networks Adds Layer 7 Capabilities to Barracuda Load Balancer
2007-05-22 Barracuda Web Filter Integrates Advanced Reporting Capabilities
2007-05-10 Barracuda IM Firewall to Log Public IM Traffic
2007-04-24 Barracuda Networks Voted One of the “Best Places to Work in the Bay Area”
2007-04-17 Barracuda Spam Firewall Moves Beyond Traditional Reputation Analysis with Predictive Sender Profiling
2007-04-05 Barracuda Spam Firewall Named Editors’ Choice for Second Year in a Row By Lotus Advisor Magazine
2007-02-22 Barracuda Networks Unveils Third-Generation of Its Sophisticated Image Spam Defense Technologies
2007-02-16 Barracuda Web Filter Receives Five Stars and Recommended Rating in SC Magazine Group Test
2007-02-05 Barracuda Web Filter Incorporates Skype Security and Control
2007-01-11 Barracuda Networks Ends 2006 with a Myriad of Industry Successes
2007-01-05 Barracuda Spam Firewall Customers Protected Against Adobe Reader Exploit
2007-01-03 Barracuda Networks Adds More Granular Policy Controls to Barracuda Web Filter
2006-12-14 CAN-SPAM Act Continues to Come Up Short in Efforts to Curb Unsolicited Email
2006-11-16 Recent Report Shows Barracuda Networks in Leading Market Share Position For Anti-Spam Appliances in Japan
2006-11-15 Barracuda Networks Sees Significant Spike in Spam Over Past Three Months
2006-11-07 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Load Balancer
2006-11-06 Barracuda Networks Reports an Increase in Political Email During the Month of October
2006-10-11 Barracuda Networks Positioned in the Challengers Quadrant for Email Security Boundary 2006 Magic Quadrant
2006-09-01 Barracuda IM Firewall and Barracuda Spam Firewall Named 2006 Readers’ Choice Award Winners by Windows IT Pro
2006-08-15 Award-winning Barracuda Spyware Firewall Officially Becomes Barracuda Web Filter
2006-07-19 Barracuda Spam Firewall Protects Customers from Growing Incidence of Image Spam
2006-07-12 Barracuda Networks Selected by AlwaysOn as AO100 Private Company Award Winner
2006-06-15 Barracuda Web Filter Enhancements Aid Schools and Libraries with CIPA Compliance
2006-06-06 Selects Barracuda Networks to Help Combat Outbound Spam for More Than 50,000 Customer Domains
2006-05-22 Barracuda Networks Listed as a Red Herring Top 100 Winner
2006-04-13 Barracuda Web Filter Wins Best Security Solution Award at LinuxWorld
2006-04-06 Barracuda Networks Named a Finalist for the “Red Herring 100 North America” Awards
2006-03-29 Barracuda Spam Firewall Named Editors’ Choice by Lotus Advisor Magazine
2006-03-20 Barracuda Networks Certified as Five-Star Vendor by CMP’s VARBusiness Magazine
2006-03-02 Barracuda Networks Launches Instant Messaging Appliance Worldwide
2006-02-08 Barracuda Web Filter Extends Network Spyware Protection to the Desktop with Spyware Removal Tool
2006-02-02 Barracuda Networks Takes Silver Honors in “Products of the Year” Awards from Two Leading Security Publications
2006-01-19 Barracuda Web Filter Named Anti-Spyware “Product of the Year”
2006-01-11 Barracuda Networks Blazes Into 2006 With Over 30,000 Customers And Expanded Product Portfolio
2006-01-09 Barracuda Networks Announces Investment from Sequoia Capital and Francisco Partners
2005-11-21 Barracuda Networks Takes Home Business Hardware Supplier Of The Year At Prestigious Computing Awards
2005-11-16 SC Magazine Names Barracuda Networks a Finalist in Global Awards Competition
2005-11-15 Barracuda Networks Protects Customers from Infiltration and Exploitation by the Infamous Sony Rootkit
2005-10-31 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 For Large Enterprises
2005-09-28 Barracuda Networks Enhances Barracuda Web Filter With Increased Content Filtering Functionality And New Management Tools
2005-09-19 Barracuda Networks Launches The Barracuda IM Firewall At The Demofall 2005 Conference
2005-08-24 CRN Magazine Lists Barracuda Networks Among Ten Top ‘Channel Stars’
2005-08-22 Barracuda Networks Selected To Participate In Prestigious DEMOfall 2005 Conference
2005-07-21 Barracuda Networks Enhances Barracuda Spam Firewall With New Security Features And Filtering Functionality
2005-07-19 Barracuda Spam Firewall Includes Compatability With Japanese Language And Character Set For More Complete Protection Against Foreign Language Spam
2005-07-18 Barracuda Networks Moves Headquarters To Mountain View
2005-06-23 Barracuda Networks Adds STARTTLS Encryption Capability For Greater Protection During Email Transmission
2005-06-16 Barracuda Networks Adds Outbound Email Protection to Entire Barracuda Spam Firewall Line
2005-06-01 Barracuda Networks Adds Two Enterprise Models to Barracuda Web Filter Line
2005-05-26 Barracuda Networks Establishes Local Presence In Japan With Office Opening In Tokyo
2005-05-23 Barracuda Spam Firewall Outbound Rate Control System Stops Spam Before It Is Sent
2005-05-16 Barracuda Networks Successfully Identifies and Blocks German-Language Propaganda Spam
2005-05-04 Barracuda Spam Firewall Wins Second Consecutive Well-Connected Award From Network Computing Magazine
2005-04-27 Barracuda Networks Receives Network Magazine 2005 Innovation Award
2005-04-18 Barracuda Networks Launches First Integrated Anti-Spyware and Web Filtering Gateway Appliance
2005-04-06 Barracuda Networks Delivers Faster Spam Filtering With SpamAssassin 3.0.2
2005-04-06 New Distribution Agreement Brings Award-Winning Barracuda Spam Firewall to Market in Indonesia
2005-03-24 Barracuda Networks Expands Global Channel, Signs Agreement with Leading Security Distributor in New Zealand
2005-02-07 Barracuda Networks Expands Presence in Asian Subcontinent and Middle East
2005-02-07 Barracuda Networks Signs Synnex Corporation to Expand Domestic Distribution Channel
2005-02-01 Professional Sports Franchises Look to Barracuda Networks for a Win Against Spam and Viruses
2005-01-17 Barracuda Networks Launches Barracuda Spam Firewall - Outbound Edition
2005-01-06 Barracuda Networks Rings in 2005 with 11,900 Customers Worldwide
2004-12-28 Barracuda Spam Firewall Receives 2004 Editor's Choice From Leading Trade Publication in China
2004-12-23 SC Magazine Names Barracuda Networks a Finalist in Global Awards Competition
2004-11-17 Barracuda Networks Launches First Carrier-class Spam Firewall for Large Enterprises and Internet Service Providers
2004-11-15 Barracuda Networks Lands Down Under With New Regional Headquarters in Australia
2004-11-03 Barracuda Networks VP of Engineering to Discuss Open Source Spam Fighting Technologies at ISPCON 2004
2004-10-19 Barracuda Networks Receives International Sales License for Anti-Spam Hardware in China; Launches Barracuda Spam Firewall Product Line in Asia
2004-10-14 Independent Insurance Underwriter Eradicates Spam with Barracuda Spam Firewall
2004-09-20 Barracuda Networks Signs Agreement with Australia's Premier IT Security Distributor
2004-08-31 Barracuda Spam Firewall Expands Feature Set and Functionality with Latest Firmware Upgrade
2004-08-27 Barracuda Networks Praises Recent Federal Crackdown on Internet Scammers; Enhances Award-Winning Spam Firewall with Support for Sender ID Framework
2004-08-25 Washington State University Eliminates Spam and Viruses with Barracuda Spam Firewall
2004-08-05 Barracuda Networks Detects New Form of Spam; Alerts SpamAssassin to Potential Impact to Performance
2004-08-04 Barracuda Networks Continues Global Expansion with New Office in China
2004-07-26 Barracuda Networks Partners with Leading Distributors to Bring Award-Winning Spam and Virus Protection to Businesses in Mexico
2004-06-16 Barracuda Networks Protects Against Phishing Schemes with New Anti-Spoofing Technique
2004-06-15 Barracuda Networks Expands International Presence; Inks Deal with Leading German Distributor
2004-05-11 Barracuda Spam Firewall Receives Well-Connected Awards Honor
2004-04-27 Barracuda Networks Announces Microsoft Outlook Integration for Spam Firewall Solutions
2004-03-25 Barracuda Networks Warns Consumers Against April Fool’s Day Spam
2004-03-22 Barracuda Spam Firewall a Finalist in the World’s Leading Information Security Awards Program
2004-03-04 Barracuda Networks Delivers Additional Spam and Virus Protection with SpamAssassin 2.63
2004-02-24 Barracuda Networks Enhances Spam Fingerprinting Technology
2004-02-03 Barracuda Networks Successfully Blocks Mydoom Virus
2004-01-27 Barracuda Networks Partners with Tangent to Eliminate Spam Sent to Government and Educational Institutions
2004-01-13 Barracuda Networks Opens New Office in Cupertino
2004-01-06 Barracuda Networks Launches Enterprise and ISP Class Spam Firewall
2003-12-08 Barracuda Networks Partners with Marketlink to Build Nationwide Reseller Channel
2003-11-21 Barracuda Spam Firewall Delivers Additional Spam Protection with SpamAssassin 2.6
2003-10-13 Barracuda Networks Launches Spam and Virus Firewall
2003-10-13 Barracuda Networks Launches Spam Defense Reseller Program