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Outperforms UTMs

The Barracuda Firewall provides all next-generation application control and user identity functions in an easy-to-use and affordable solution. It outperforms traditional firewalls and UTMs by integrating a powerful next-generation firewall appliance with scalable cloud content security. This ensures maximum performance at a less cost of all-in-one solutions that load all security functions on a single server.

Prevent Down Time

With automated link balancing and failover, ensure uninterrupted connectivity even when a primary Internet link fails -- and with the optional Barracuda UMTS 3G Modem, stay connected even during major wired connectivity outages

Guarantee bandwidth levels required to serve business-critical applications. A comprehensive library of pre-defined applications combined with granular user- and time-based quality of service rules makes it easy to regulate non-business related applications in real time to ensure optimal quality of service.


Control Application Usage

The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall gives administrators granular control over applications, allowing them to define rules for forwarding data traffic using the best respective transmission channels based on type of application, user, content, time of day, and geographical location.

Mobile devices, online applications, social networks, and streaming media have caused an enormous increase in non-business network data traffic, pushing bandwidth capacities to their limits and causing degradation in performance of business-critical applications. The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall allows organizations to prioritize traffic by limiting or restricting access to non-business-related applications and network traffic, even when encrypted.

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