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If you’re like most schools, your network usage has probably grown exponentially in the face of mobile device initiatives, online testing requirements, and the growing amount of rich educational content being used in your classrooms. Technology departments in schools are being forced to keep pace with the increasing capacity requirements needed to support these initiatives; whilst not jeopardizing online student safety. As a result, many schools are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating modern network and web security technologies to:

  • Provide a high quality-of-service and availability for staff and students
  • Enforce student internet safety in the face of more and more inappropriate online content
  • Maintain a high level of network and user monitoring and visibility

Meanwhile, you have to do all of this whilst staying under limited budget and resources!

Barracuda offers best-of-breed network firewall and web security technologies that work together to provide you with Total Threat Protection and peace of mind, at an affordable price.

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