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Attention Shoppers: Security and Data Protection to Keep Retail Up and Running

Protect Customer and Operational Data While Preventing Downtime

Secure Your Web Users

Third-party websites and online services are becoming integral parts of your business operations, and your brick-and-mortar sites likely offer free Wi-Fi for customers and guests. But all that web traffic can easily become a significant threat vector. And when you add in employee web use—including games, social media, streaming video, and online shopping—even safe traffic can strain your bandwidth and cause internet connection costs to spiral out of control.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway and Barracuda Web Security Service detect and block threats transmitted via web traffic. In addition, they give you complete visibility into web usage and bandwidth consumption, along with the ability to enforce both global and granular access policies—even for mobile users that are not connected to your network. This not only improves security, it also lets you control bandwidth use without restricting business-critical applications and services, to keep your internet connection costs as low as possible.

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