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Whether you are seeking ways to cut storage costs, reduce labor, or increase the reliability of backup and recovery operations; Barracuda Backup is the right choice. Barracuda Backup deduplicates data using superior inline source-and-target deduplication and compression at the block level. This saves storage and bandwidth up to 50x compared to tape systems. Since Barracuda Backup automates backup and retention tasks, your IT staff no longer needs to change, label, rotate, or ship tapes. When recovery becomes necessary, Barracuda Backup will have your network up and running quickly ― long before tapes even leave the warehouse. With LiveBoot, you can run virtual machines from off-site cloud storage for even faster recovery. Barracuda Backup gives you choices for offsite storage in the secure Barracuda Cloud, or behind your own firewall through site-to-site replication using distributed Barracuda Backup appliances.

Granular policies let you automate backup and retention ―and restore data― from full-system operations to a single file. Flexibility is just one of the reasons Barracuda Backup is the industry-leading purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA).

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