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Network Readiness

In this day and age, it's more essential than ever for schools to secure their network perimeter, regulate network traffic, and manage bandwidth utilization. Additionally, as schools move to using more cloud-based and SaaS applications, they need to optimize internet connectivity to provide accelerated access to important applications such as online assessments and learning tools. 

 Manage Network Traffic

  • Optimize internet connectivity with instantaneous failover for multiple internet access lines
  • Link-balance traffic to ensure mission-critical data has priority
  • Ensure high Quality-of-Service for mission-critical applications such as Google Apps for Education
  • Improve bandwidth availability with application-based uplink selection

 Monitor and regulate all activity on the network

  • Use granular visibility into student activity to help create traffic-shaping policies
  • Create dynamic policies that establish and enforce access for students, faculty and staff
  • Block unwanted applications, control and throttle acceptable traffic, and enable or disable specific application sub-functions (e.g., Facebook Chat)
  • Manage security policies across all locations from a single pane of glass


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