Barracuda vs. Mimecast

Mimecast won’t give you complete protection for Office 365. Barracuda will.

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Unlike Mimecast, Barracuda secures your email, inboxes, users, and data.

Stop spear phishing
and account takeover

Get superior
detection efficacy

Protect all your
Office 365 data

Automate your
incident response

Improve user
security awareness

Get the best value in
email protection

The Barracuda Advantage

Features Barracuda Mimecast
Secure cloud gateway
Inbound/outbound security
Encryption and data loss prevention
Email continuity
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Inbox defense
AI-based detection of social engineering
AI-based blocking of social engineering
Account takeover protection
DMARC reporting
User security awareness
Phishing simulation and training
Optional concierge service
Multi-vector SMS and automated voice campaigns
Simulation and training content on all 13 email threat types
Forensics and incident response
Insights on delivered email
Automated incident response
Automatic post-delivery remediation

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Stop spear phishing and account takeover.

Socially engineered emails, such as spear-phishing attacks, are too complex and deceiving for you to rely on your users to identify and report. Mimecast’s technology will not automatically remove these malicious messages, it will only warn your users of potentially dangerous content, leaving your organization vulnerable. At Barracuda we rely on deep integration with Microsoft Office 365 to not only identify threats but prevent your users from ever seeing them. Once detected, fraudulent email messages are removed from your users' inboxes.

Barracuda’s AI engine detects and blocks most sophisticated email attacks that could lead to account takeover, and it identifies behavioral anomalies within already compromised accounts to help remediate against account takeover in real time. Mimecast will not protect you against account takeover.

Get superior detection efficacy.

Barracuda’s AI learns a pattern of communication for each individual within your organization. It understands all of the interactions that make your organization unique. Using names, addresses, relationships, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and multiple other data signals, Barracuda is able to identify and remediate attacks with the highest degree of efficacy.

Test Barracuda's detection capabilities and identify attacks Mimecast missed. Our Email Threat Scanner is a free threat assessment tool that is designed to identify attacks inside your users' inboxes that were missed by your current email security.

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98% of organizations with Office 365 harbor malicious emails inside their mailboxes.* Discover email threats before your users do.

12,000 organizations

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*Organizations with 100+ mailboxes

Protect all your Office 365 data.

The number one cause of data loss in Microsoft Office 365 is accidental or malicious data deletion by end-users, accounting for about 70 percent of such losses. Malware and ransomware attacks can also render your data completely unusable. Although Microsoft provides recovery options, it is ultimately your responsibility to protect the data you store in Office 365. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable protection of your Office 365 data, without adding to your infrastructure costs.

Automate your incident response.

Mimecast does not offer automated incident response, leaving your organization exposed to sophisticated threats. Barracuda automates email threat response and provides advanced threat insights for faster identification and more efficient remediation. We help to identify anomalies in delivered email and proactively find attacks that bypassed email security. Our solution identifies compromised users in need of training and improves workflow for more seamless incident response.

Improve user security awareness.

Even with the best email security technology, it is possible for threats to reach vulnerable users. An impersonation attack could target a user via their personal email or possibly via fraudulent SMS or voice messages.

Barracuda offers a powerful, multi-vector phishing simulation and education platform. You can test your users’ ability to identify threats and send targeted training to your most vulnerable users. Only Barracuda ensures your users are trained to identify all 13 email threat types, using real-world threat simulations pulled from our global threat intelligence network.

Get the best value in email protection.

Barracuda Total Email Protection is easy to deploy and use. No more hassles with integration or implementation complexity, and no need to take on the  risk that comes  with  standalone and disparate security solutions. In one simple suite, you get all the protection you need to secure your email ecosystem. We also have you covered with our friendly 24/7 support staff who will do whatever it takes to ensure you have a world-class experience deploying and adopting our solution.

Mimecast does not protect against all email threat types.

Only Barracuda protects you against all 13 threat types to give you the industry’s most complete protection against today’s email-borne threats. Mimecast offers detection only, and limited or no enforcement for some of most targeted email attacks.

Threat Type Barracuda Mimecast
Data exfiltration
URL phishing
Lateral phishing
Spear phishing
Brand impersonation
Domain impersonation
Business email compromise
Account takeover
Conversation hijacking
Strongest protection     Some protection     Insufficient protection

Mimecast offers detection only, no enforcement

“We looked at Mimecast and Proofpoint offerings as well, but our initial impression was that Barracuda ... had a more robust feature set.”

Andreas Gross

VP IT, Tricentis

“Barracuda is the only vendor in the market today that provides all four layers of email protection: secure email gateway, inbox defense, security awareness training and automated incident response.”

SC Magazine Award: Best Email Security Solution