Protect your student records and other valuable data.

Ransomware attacks often steal copies of your files prior to encryption so the criminals can threaten you with a data breach if you do not pay the ransom. These attacks are disruptive, expensive, and harmful, and 90% of them start with a phishing email.
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Keep ransomware out of your district.

Ransomware attacks against schools are growing in both volume and speed. In 2019 Louisiana declared a state of emergency after ransomware spread rapidly across multiple school districts. Phones and computers were inaccessible and school data was locked and encrypted. The negative impact of ransomware is also growing, as attackers have turned to extortion to force schools to pay. The private information of over 320,000 students was released online when one school district chose to restore from backup rather than pay a ransom.

Barracuda Total Email Protection sanitizes every email before it is delivered to your mail server. This stops ransomware from entering your network through malicious attachments, links, and URLs.

Protect budgets from fraud.

Cybercriminals use Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams to trick potential victims into sending money or sensitive data to an unauthorized recipient. The attacker impersonates a trusted internal or external contact and sends an email requesting information, a transfer of funds, or payment on an invoice. One school district lost $2.3 million over three transactions before realizing it had fallen for a BEC scam. BEC attacks increased by double-digits in 2020.

Barracuda Total Email Protection provides the most comprehensive protection against all 13 email threat types, and will block outgoing emails that include sensitive data such as bank account information.

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Stop accidental data breaches.

Not all data breaches are intentional. The 2017-2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Reports show that accidental disclosure of sensitive data has been among the top three causes of data breaches for the past four years. Staff and students have been known to email sensitive information to the wrong recipient or leave a workstation unattended and unlocked.

Barracuda Total Email Protection includes data leak protection and email encryption that will find and protect sensitive data in the email infrastructure. Content policies can automatically encrypt, quarantine, or even block certain outbound emails based on their content, sender, or recipient.

Defend your network and users from phishing attacks.

The 2020 K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center report revealed that over 90% of K-12 cyberattacks started with a phishing email. Criminals impersonate an individual or organization to target a victim and steal login credentials or trick someone into paying a fake invoice. Often this will happen alongside an attempt to install malware on the victim’s device with a malicious download or URL.

Barracuda Total Email Protection includes multiple defenses against phishing attacks. AI-based threat detection identifies anomalies in your company’s communication patterns and provides real-time defense against business email compromise and account takeover attacks. Customizable security awareness campaigns train email users to identify attacks and respond according to company policy.

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Reduce the impact and cost of email attacks.

Fake invoices aren’t the only email-based threat to a school budget. Emotet malware disrupted Rockingham School District in a spam attack that delivered a malicious attachment. The malware immediately spread through the network, interfering with staff and student internet access and email accounts. The cleanup took several weeks and cost the school $314,000.

Barracuda Total Email Protection enables immediate response and remediation to these attacks. This includes password-change notification and mitigation of additional email threats that have not yet been activated.

Secure your school from advanced threats.

Barracuda’s email protection platform is designed to keep your retail business secure by combining threat prevention, automated incident response, and data protection.

Make email safe for your school district, college, or university with email filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup.

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Protect students, staff, and data from targeted spear phishing attacks and account takeover with an AI engine that detects threats that traditional email gateways cannot.

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Train email users with a threat simulation platform that analyzes user behavior and can be adjusted based on individual performance. Campaign material is updated to keep pace with the latest threats.

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Accelerate your response to inbox attacks with automated notifications and threat removal, and fast click-through remediation, and real-time reporting and forensics.

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Scan your Office 365 environment for malicious threats that may already be in your inboxes. It’s fast, free, and safe—with no impact on email performance.

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Protect your students, faculty, and staff.

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