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Barracuda Firewall

Cloud-connected advanced network firewall that enforces content and access policies for SMB’s.


Barracuda Spam Firewall

Secure and encrypt email, stop spam and prevent DoS attacks and data leaks.


Barracuda Message Archiver

Indexes and preserves all email communication with single-instance storage for compliance and eDiscovery.


Barracuda Link Balancer

Combines multiple Internet connections to ensure continuous availability and higher bandwidth.


Barracuda Load Balancer ADC

Application delivery controller that combines server load balancing, acceleration, access control, and application security to ensure QoS.


Barracuda Web Filter

Enforce web policies through content filtering and application control. It also deploys best-of-breed spyware protection.


Barracuda Web Application Firewall

Secure your websites and hosted applications from data loss and online threats.


Barracuda SSL VPN

Provides users with easy-to-use, web-based client-to-site VPN access to internal network and web resources.


Barracuda Security Suite

Combines the Barracuda Firewall, Web Filter and Spam Firewall into a single appliance for unified threat protection.



Enterprise class VOIP phone system designed for IT administrators.


Barracuda Backup

Combines on-premises backup and unlimited cloud storage to efficiently protect all enterprise data.

Barracuda Email Security Service

The fastest, easiest way to deploy inbound and outbound email protection against aggressive email threats.

Barracuda Web Security Flex

Hosted web content security service that protects users and data from online threats.

Barracuda Cloud Control

Improves security of your physical locations against theft, property damage, and helps you and the authorities identify other suspicious activity and individuals.

Barracuda Mobile Device Manager

A cloud based mobile device and application management service to help extend security policies, monitor user activity, and regulate network access.