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Barracuda Trust Center

We are committed to securing your data.

Security and Data Privacy Compliance

Yes, please refer to our self service portal to request our SOC 2 report.

Please refer to our product specific security overview in out trust center. Each security overview documentation has a data location section which will address data center location by product.

Barracuda’s insurance covers costs and losses incurred by Barracuda as a result of a cyber security incident or breach. Some of those costs could relate to customer costs (i.e. the cost to provide credit monitoring for the end user) but it would not cover the customer for loss of revenue or the costs incurred in restoring or rebuilding the data.

Our privacy policy is located at: Privacy Policy.

Customer data for the Barracuda Cloud to Cloud Back Service is stored in the EU for customers who are located in the EU, and in the UK for customers located in the UK. Any transfer of customer data outside the EU or the UK will be done in compliance with the GDPR and applicable local privacy laws. Barracuda’s Privacy Policy and Privacy Shield certification are located at: Privacy Policy and Privacy Shield certification

Our subprocessor list is located at: Sub-processors

Barracuda does not give any third-party (including law enforcement, other government entity, or civil litigant) direct or unfettered access to customer data except as you direct, as required by law, or in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please visit https://www.barracuda.com/solutions/gdpr to learn more about how our solutions can help you achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. In order to learn more about the measures we have in place to protect our customers privacy, please visit our product specific data privacy overviews located at Data Privacy Overviews.


Yes for a copy of our most recent certificate of insurance, please choose “COI Request” from the self-service drop-down menu.

Yes we can provide a copy of our most recent financials, but we require a non-disclosure agreement. If you already have a non-disclosure agreement in place, please send an email to legal@barracuda.com. If you do not already have an NDA in place, please choose “Non-disclosure agreement” from the self- service drop-down menu. Once it is complete, please send an email to legal@barracuda.com.

Please go to the self-service menu and choose “W-9 Request” from the self-service drop down menu. 

Our Code of Conduct is located at: Code of Conduct.

Please visit Report Concerns for information on options to report a concern.
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