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Protect against all 13 email threat types.

Email is the leading source of cyber-threats. Find out
which ones your business is exposed to.

13 email threat types you need to know about

As email threats evolve and multiply, keeping track of them all — and staying protected against the many different types — becomes a complex challenge. Today, that requires more than just the traditional email gateway solution that used to be good enough.

Barracuda can help. Our research, based on real-time threat intelligence collected from more than 200,000 collection points around the globe, has resulted in the identification of 13 key types of email threats. Once you understand the nature and characteristics of these 13 threat types, you’ll be far better prepared to build the best protection for your business, data, and people.

91% of cyber attacks start with an email.

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How to build effective protection against all 13 threat types

Traditional email gateways are still a critical part of your security infrastructure. But to protect against all 13 email threat types, you also need a newer type of solution: API-based inbox defense.

Unlike gateway solutions that use signature-matching and payload analysis to prevent threats from arriving to your inbox, API-based inbox defense solutions use historical communication data to spot anomalous emails that evade the gateway and land in users’ inboxes. Malicious emails are removed instantaneously.

Threat Type Barracuda (Email gateway + API-based inbox defense) Email gateway-only solutions
Strongest protection
Some protection 
Insufficient protection

Think beyond the gateway to protect against all 13 threat types.

To protect your organization from socially engineered attacks, you need an additional layer of defense beyond your gateway solution: API-based inbox defense.

Inbox defense relies on APIs to integrate directly with your users’ inboxes. This integration provides visibility into both historical and internal email communication for every individual in the organization. Communication data is used to train artificial intelligence (AI) to create a statistical model or an identity graph for each user that reflects their communication patterns.

Using historical data the model will define users’ regular email addresses, individuals they communicate with, the type of requests they make, and many other behaviors. When something abnormal happens that is outside of an individual’s identity graph, AI instantly flags it as malicious and removes it from the user’s inbox.

Identity graph

Types of requests

Usual types of requests made by an individual based on historical email communication data. (e.g. does individual make wire transfer requests)

Names used

Common variations of names used by an individual based on historical email communication data.


Usual login locations for an individual account owner based on historical email communication data.

Email Addresses

Usual email addresses used by an individual based on historical email communication data.

Document types

Document types usually shared by an individual based on historical email communication data.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis of language used, and content of email based on historical email communication data.

Contacts and relationships

Usual email contacts (e.g. colleagues or external partners) for an individual based on historical email communication data.

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Barracuda Email Protection multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway,
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