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Today I'd like to spend some time talking about the Barracuda storage products.  Let's start with some company history.

Barracuda networks was formed in 2003  by Dean Drako, Michael Perone, and Zack Levow. At that time we were in the email security business, and our primary product was the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall.  Over the years the product line expanded as our customers' needs evolved, and today includes more than a dozen purpose-built products.

As data retention became a business issue, our customers needed new ways to manage their email archives and data backups.  This led to the development of the Barracuda storage products.

The Barracuda Message Archiver (BMA), for example, solved a number of email problems for our customers:

  • Regulatory issues are simplified, because the BMA was built with compliance and eDiscovery in mind.
  • Users can retrieve messages without IT assistance, if user access is enabled by the administrator.
  • The Exchange Server doesn't have to work as hard, because archive storage and processing is offloaded to the BMA.
  • Archive management is easier, because the BMA interface is simple and intuitive.

The BMA also went beyond data protection and added additional email management capabilities, such as usage reports, PST collection, and desktop search.

The Barracuda Backup (BBS) has a similar story. Customers needed to protect their valuable data, but didn't want the IT administrators to be inundated with additional management tasks. Licensing, agents, media libraries … they can require a significant investment of time. The BBS simplifies this process.

  • Centralized management allows admins to use a single cloud-based interface to control all backup appliances across multiple locations.
  • Barracuda Backup allows administrators to protect physical and virtual environments. It's a complete end-to-end solution that includes software, appliance, and offsite replication. No integration of, or debug struggles with, multiple vendor backup technologies.
  • Barracuda Cloud integration enables unlimited storage plans and on-demand access to files via Barracuda Copy.
  • Cloud LiveBoot gives Barracuda customers the option to boot a protected virtual machine from a deduplicated state within minutes.

Barracuda Backup also supports replication to another Barracuda appliance for private-cloud data protection or secure transfer to the Barracuda Cloud.

Barracuda Copy for Companies allows customers to sync, protect, and share files. Data is stored in the Barracuda Cloud, and protected by multiple layers of encryption. Barracuda Copy works on most devices and is free for up to 5 users. Like all Barracuda products, Barracuda Copy offers simple management and secure access through an elegant and intuitive interface.

Our storage portfolio also includes the most secure and top rated eSignature solution for business, Barracuda SignNow. SignNow enables customers to get documents signed faster, secure company agreements, and take the office paperless. Documents are safely archived and secured by Barracuda technology, and each document has an audit trail that is complete and easy-to-read.

For more information on the Barracuda storage portfolio, visit our products page at

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