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The Barracuda Championship takes place this week in Reno, NV

Have you seen the news?  Earlier this month we announced that we have entered into a new sponsorship agreement with the PGA tour.   The Barracuda Championship takes place this week, July 31 - August 3.

We're not new to sports sponsorships.  Over the years we've had pleasure of sponsoring Indycar, cycling, wake surfing, electric racing, and Rallycar.  We have a long standing or rich or great or something history with the PGA, and we're expecting this tournament to be a lot of fun for us and our customers.  We're excited about this particular tournament for a number of reasons:

Aggressive gameplay:

Barracuda is very excited about becoming the title sponsor for the Reno-Tahoe event,” said BJ Jenkins, President and CEO of Barracuda. “As the PGA TOUR’s only tournament to use the Modified Stableford scoring, the Barracuda Championship is a great example of leadership and gives us the opportunity to expand our brand footprint, support innovation, and provide a unique experience for Barracuda customers and partners.”

The Modified Stableford scoring encourages aggressive play by adding or subtracting points based on performance.  Rather than scoring based on the number of strokes, scoring is based on the points earned by the play.

The charity of your choice:

Beginning next year, the Barracuda Championship will include a competition for the Barracuda Bonus.  The winner of this competition will receive this bonus to donate to the charity of his choice.  Charity is an important part of our culture and we are happy to be able to include it in this event. 

Caddies sign in with SignNow

SignNow by Barracuda is the most secure and top rated eSignature solution for business.  The Barracuda Championship caddie registration process has incorporated SignNow mobile for  quick, easy, and secure registration.  This accelerates and simplifies the sign-in process, and reduces the amount of paper being used at the event.

The Barracuda Championship takes place at the Montrêux Golf & Country Club   in Reno, Nev.  Devin will be there all week to report on the event.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates on Devin, and follow this playlist for her event videos..

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