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Barracuda welcomes MiBytes Summer Camp

Earlier this month our Ann Arbor R&D facility was pleased to welcome the campers from the MiBytes Summer Camp

The MiBytes Summer Camp is computer summer camp for high school students sponsored and run by the University of Michigan (UM) Computer Science and Engineering Division. Program content is developed and taught by UM faculty and students.  Campers attend classes taught by UM faculty, tour the UM campus, and interact with UM Computer Science and Engineering students. 

Barracuda and the UM Computer Science and Engineering team share the goal of encouraging young people to get involved in technology.  When the students visited our campus, we talked to them about things like,

  • What kind of work is done at our building
  • What types of degrees our employees have
  • Why Barracuda chose Ann Arbor for research & development
  • What Computer Science is and why it is important

We also showed them around the campus and introduced them to some of our VIPs. 

Community involvement is an important part of the Barracuda culture.  If you'd like to talk to us about touring the Barracuda R&D Facility, please contact Marion Fredendall at

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